Manage all your social accounts from one single place and monitor your social activity!

Connect Unlimited Social Accounts

Connect Unlimited Social Accounts

We don't limit your Postific account to 5 or 10 social accounts. Instead of that we allow you to connect unlimited number of social accounts in Postific!

Together with that you get an option to create unlimited number of companies and organize your social accounts under each company.

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Automated and Scheduled Posting

Schedule your website RSS feeds or create single bookmark or post campaign for less than 10 seconds and you can choose the date and time when you want to send them.

Our smart notification tool will always keep you informed what items are sent to your social accounts and it will take you directly to your Analytics tools so you can measure the activity and engagement stats.

Connect Unlimited Social Accounts

Engagement and Leads Tracking

Monitor your Facebook and Twitter Insights. Get detailed Report for your audience activity and demographic stats. Track your feeds and campaigns engagement and analyze your demographic stats for less than a minute!

Monitor your Twitter and Facebook live feeds for all your social accounts from one single place!

No credit card required!

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Manage your messages

Manage all your messages for all your Twitter accounts! Organize them in one global inbox and communicate with all your potential leads and customers in real time.

Send direct messages up to 50 people in the same time from all your Twitter accounts. You can track your inbox, sent or deleted items and your inbox is updated in real time, so you don't have to wait one hour or one day till your messages comes on your side.

Save a lot of time in managing all your social inbox messages from one common place and keep a history of all messages your are sending!

Multiple Companies Support

Create separate company profiles in Postific and brand your social management and marketing! Organize all your social accounts in a better way!

Campaign Management

Send single or multiple engagement campaigns to one or many social profiles with one single click or schedule your campaigns for future date and time!

Unlimited RSS Feeds

Connect UNLIMITED number of RSS feeds to your social profiles and Postific will send all your items automatically! Schedule and select single or multiple feed items for less than 30 seconds!

Insight Statistics

Get real time Insight reports for all your social accounts. Demographic stats, new likes and engagement reports, page views and others useful Insight Reports delivered automatically to you!

Live Social Feeds

Monitor your live feeds directly from Postific. Get real-time report for all your social posts which are directly linked to your Analytics tools.

Groups Management

Organize your social accounts into different groups and send campaigns or feeds directly to these groups. Monitor your engagement and activity stats for the groups you have created!

Queue management

Get detailed information for the items which you have scheduled for each social profile or get a list of all already sent items. Cancel or re-schedule your campaigns or feeds directly from your Queue!

Mobile version

Postific is available for any mobile device. Our mobile optimized layout allows you to access all of your Postific account features anywhere and anytime!

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Safe, Secure & Private

The safety of your passwords are top priority at Postific and we use only industry leading protection management systems to ensure the security of your sensitive data. Postific ensures your network credentials are protected and also encrypted with 256 bit encryption.

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24/7 Support for your business

We are always online to help you resolve all issues or questions you have. Just fill a support ticket and we will make sure to answer you within 2 hours. We have also a live support which is online every single day, so feel free to get in touch with us!