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Schedule unlimited number of messages for up to 10 different social networks and never miss the right time for posting

  • Schedule Tweets and Facebook posts automatically to post your content at optimal times.
  • Manage more social networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ Personal, Google+ Business and others! NEW
  • Integrate your own RSS Feeds and auto post to all your social networks AUTOMATICALLY
  • Track your posts engagement and analyze the results for all your posts and social networks in one place.

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Social Media Marketing with Postific
Social Media Management with Postific


Manage up to 10 different social networks from one single place and track the engagement for each of them

  • Manage unlimited number of Facebook Groups.
  • Track the engagement and click-through stats for all your social profiles
  • Use the Branded URL shortener to promote your brand and keep a track of the click-through stats!
Social Media Listening and Measurement with Postific


Monitor the social media conversations that matter to your business

  • Monitor your own feeds for specific keywords or activities
  • Monitor the global feeds for specific words or phrases
  • Listen for multiple languages and hash tags HOT
  • Monitor specific comments or tweets and answer directly from Postific
  • Set up alerts sending you notification if people are saying something about you

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Social Media Analytics and Reporting with Postific


Prove your social growth with real-time insights and powerful analytics tools

  • Monitor where and how your social profiles are growing
  • Monitor your audience gender and geography
  • Generate detailed social reports in real time
  • Compare your brand with other competitors and track their activities
  • Monitor your social posts engagement
  • Find Leads and import them into your internal CRM

And there is more!

Postific has a full set of tools helping you to manage, analyze and increase your social presence and engagement

Multiple Companies Support

Create separate company profiles in Postific and brand your social management and marketing! Organize all your social accounts in a better way!

Campaign Management

Send single or multiple engagement campaigns to one or many social profiles with one single click or schedule your campaigns for future date and time!

Live Social Feeds

Monitor your live feeds directly from Postific. Get real-time report for all your social posts which are directly linked to your Analytics tools.

Groups Management

Organize your social accounts into different groups and send campaigns or feeds directly with them. Track your groups activity and engagement!

Branded Link Tracking

Track your click-through statistics real time with our unique branded tracking feature which allows you to use your own domain name when you are sending your posts

LinkedIn Insights Reports

Generate and analyze reports for all your businesses on LinkedIn with one click! Track your engagement for 12 or more months at the same time.

Social Inbox

Organize all your social messages into one single inbox. Get notifications instantly and answer all your messages from one single place.

Lead Capture

Extract all people engaged with your posts and organize them into your Leads CRM. Sort them by engagement and start converting them into customers!

Secure and Reliable!

Protect your valuable social accounts, secure your brand reputation

Safe, Secure & Private

The safety of your passwords are top priority at Postific and we use only industry leading protection management systems to ensure the security of your sensitive data. Postific ensures your network credentials are protected and also encrypted with 256 bit encryption.

24/7 Support for your business

We are always online to help you resolve all issues or questions you have. Just fill a support ticket and we will make sure to answer you within 2 hours. We have also a live support which is online every single day, so feel free to get in touch with us!

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