twitter analytics tool

Twitter Analytics Tool: Stats Dashboard Now Available for Everyone

If you are a Twitter user, you must really be interested to know if your 140 character posts are doing much for your social media campaign. In response to the need of their users, the microblogging service finally made the Twitter analytics tool available for everyone through its stats dashboard.

The Twitter analytics tool has been launched in July and was originally made available for advertisers. It was only recently when other users were given access to the tool. Now that the stats dashboard can already be viewed, users can already gain access to information so that they will know the impact of their posts and assess their popularity in the social media networking channel.
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hashtag warnings

Must-Know Warnings on Hashtag Use

Hashtags are widely used in various types of social media channels and if you are a content marketer, chances are high that you have already tried to incorporate the # symbol with your content.

Hashtags offer an effective way to start conversations and join discussions but did you know that there are certain limitations that must be observed regarding hashtag use? Hashtags can work to your advantage but you must know that it can also be the other way around!
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google webmaster tools

Top 3 Features of Google Webmaster Tools

If you are into digital marketing, there are tools that you cannot afford to simply disregard. The importance of having an aggressive website is unquestionable and as the competition tightens, online marketers have so much to be thankful for useful applications including the most dependable social media tools and the Google Webmaster tools.

This article focuses on the features of Google Webmaster tools that are optimized for the major search engine, Google. It has become a very indispensable tool for webmasters as it allows them to understand and improve a website on Google search.
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essential apps to improve facebook page for business

Google Analytics: Determine the Best Traffic Source for your Website and How to Increase it

After doing some thinking, you realize WordPress’ plugin Jetpack may not be enough for your site. You need more relevant data. Whether you are on WordPress or using another CMS, you may be interested in understanding your visitor’s behavior: why do they visit your site and why do they leave so quickly? You decide to go ahead and install what you are told everybody is using: Google Analytics.
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trending topic

Intensify Your Social Media Campaign Using Trending Topics

Social media has become the platform that doesn’t just connect you with a worldwide audience. It has also become the venue for breaking news to circulate and become a hot topic. Most of the time, social media already captures the story even before traditional media gets their coverage and this is the reason why more people tune in to popular social networks when in search of  news that can be the talk of the town.

Social media people usually find excitement in becoming the bearer of fresh news and topics that will trend on social media channels. But it doesn’t stop at that, because trending topics also bring advantages for social media marketers who want to put their brand visible where people gather to have conversations.
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