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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Are You Up for It?

If you are an active social media user, you will surely notice that a lot of people are posting about the ‘ice bucket challenge’ and for sure, you have already seen ordinary people and celebrities who already take on the challenge.

It’s nice to see how people react to the challenge but to appreciate it; you must first understand what it’s really all about? Is it just a craze that craves social media attention? The answer is an absolute ‘NO’ – there is certainly more to the ice bucket challenge than what meets the eye.

What is the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’?

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is meant to raise awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease. Increasing awareness and attention on ALS gives a sense of hope and understanding for the people who are affected by the disease. Through this, people become aware about what ALS is, how it happens, its progression, how to prevent it, as well as how to manage it.

How Is It Done?

The starts by nominating participants to take the dare and get filmed with a bucket of ice water poured on their heads. The one who takes on the challenge can tag other people and dare them to do the same. Nominated people have 24 hours to do the ice bucket challenge, if not the challenge will be forfeited and the nominated person has to take on the consequence of giving financial donation to the ALS organization.

A lot of celebrities have take on the challenge – and usually those who did also extended financial support to the organization. The idea is so engaging that you’d want to be filmed and get poured with a bucket of ice while at the same time giving your donation.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Social Media

As the ALS ice bucket goes viral on social media channels, the fundraiser has already translated money to support the ALS association – and the spark of hope for people carrying the disease goes brighter!

Certainly, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has already taken social media by storm and you can spot a lot of social media savvy user taking part of the fundraiser. People have found worthy use of social media tools not only to promote businesses or to socialize, but also for charitable causes.

Are you up for the ice bucket challenge?

To convince you to show support for the fundraiser, here are some of the most notable personalities who can inspire you to take on the challenge!


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Lebron James

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Mario Lopez

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Tom Cruise and Chris Mcquarrie

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A lot of celebrities have already taken their stand and more are interested to show their support for people with ALS and they have learned to use social media tools in a more meaningful way. How about you? Are you ready to take on the Ice Bucket Challenge?