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Must-Know Warnings on Hashtag Use

Hashtags are widely used in various types of social media channels and if you are a content marketer, chances are high that you have already tried to incorporate the # symbol with your content. Hashtags offer an effective way to start conversations and join discussions but did you know that there are certain limitations that […]

Intensify Your Social Media Campaign Using Trending Topics

Social media has become the platform that doesn’t just connect you with a worldwide audience. It has also become the venue for breaking news to circulate and become a hot topic. Most of the time, social media already captures the story even before traditional media gets their coverage and this is the reason why more […]

Google+ Features That You May Not Be Aware Of

Google+ has emerged as one of the most popular products of Google. It has already attracted a lot of users and is now being compared with Facebook. Google+ has already gone a long way but for sure, there are still lots of Google+ users who are not yet familiar about its amazing features. Certainly, there […]

What Facebook ‘Buy’ Button Means for E-Commerce Sites

Facebook marketing has already gone through a lot of transformations and most of these are geared to enable e-commerce sites to gain more from their social media presence. Facebook pages for business and Facebook ads have somehow contributed greatly in connecting businesses to their targeted audiences. But it looks like it doesn’t just stop there. […]

‘No-Brainer’ Tricks to Improve Your Brand on Twitter

Are you a newbie in the Twitter marketing department? Want to know simple yet effective techniques to build your presence on Twitter? Twitter marketing presents great challenges to marketers. Penetrating this platform and reaching out to your target audience may not be that simple but the good news is that you can always take the […]

Secret Formula of a Great Content Revealed

Writing a content that delivers results for your business remains to be a challenge. Being able to produce content in huge quantity is still not good enough if you will fail to come up with content that helps you meet the objectives of your business and improve the results of lead generation. What is the […]

Robin Williams’ Famous Quotes

Who wouldn’t know Robin Williams? For sure, people from all walks of life and from different age groups had a chance to see one of his famous films or laughed at the jokes he habitually throw. Robin Williams is such a well-loved personality that the news of his death shook the world. News about the […]

Top 10 Errors that Hurt Your Brand on Social Media

Nowadays, people who do business online find reasons to work really hard and spend a considerable amount of time to claim their place in social media. Establishing a presence on various social networking channels can really elevate your brand and make it a familiar sight among social media users. It used to mean hard work […]

Simple and Effective Solutions To Improve Facebook Reach

Have you noticed a sudden decline in your Facebook reach? Does the fact that you are only reaching a small percentage of your followers worry you? For the past months, a lot of businesses who are on Facebook suffered from a tremendous decrease on the organic reach of their Facebook pages. Limited reach on Facebook […]

Leveraging Lead Generation through Social Media

For online businesses, lead generation outweighs the importance of building website traffic. But in most cases, it is a lot easier to generate traffic than to actually generate leads. Most marketers focus more on website traffic monitoring than on measurement of leads gained. This can create conflicting results especially if you will market your business […]