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Take Control of Your Website’s Bounce Rate

If there is one thing that a website owner wants to keep low as much as possible, it is the website’s bounce rate. Bounce rate reflects the number of visitors that leave a website after visiting a single page. Basically, every webpage has its own bounce rate but there are pages that you should focus […]

Exposing the Real Value of ‘NoFollow’ Links

In the world of online marketing professionals, so much focus is given on acquiring followed links in order to pass on some ‘juice’ from one website to another. Earning followed links for a client’s website has become a common practice in this industry. But even if it can bring benefits, this should not give anyone […]

The Most Powerful LinkedIn Features that Impact Personal Branding

Are you looking for ways to create a commanding personal brand online? LinkedIn came up with upgrade on its features to ensure that your profile will be available and noticed on the right places. Maintaining a strong reputation online depends on how well you manage your personal brand. To present more opportunities in creating a […]

Google Hangouts: A Better Approach to Social Video Marketing

At this point, social video marketing remains to be a strong factor that contributes to online success. Video marketing allows people to connect and clearly communicate messages to their audience, and as its importance becomes more apparent for online businesses, several products have emerged promising tremendous results in n viral video marketing. One of the […]

Fool-Proof Techniques to Create Connection through Content

As the competition for online presence intensifies, it has also become a huge challenge for marketers to create  connection with their audience and establish user engagement at the same time. Most inbound marketing agents use social media channels to create a community, engage audiences and generate leads. This process involves finding prospects and fostering connections. […]

Top 3 Features of Google Webmaster Tools

If you are into digital marketing, there are tools that you cannot afford to simply disregard. The importance of having an aggressive website is unquestionable and as the competition tightens, online marketers have so much to be thankful for useful applications including the most dependable social media tools and the Google Webmaster tools. This article […]

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Are You Up for It?

If you are an active social media user, you will surely notice that a lot of people are posting about the ‘ice bucket challenge’ and for sure, you have already seen ordinary people and celebrities who already take on the challenge. It’s nice to see how people react to the challenge but to appreciate it; […]

Top 10 Biggest Earners on YouTube

YouTube is one of the social channels that enjoy a great number of following and usually, it becomes the go-to resource of people looking for DIY instructions, movie and music downloads, tutorials, and even videos that went viral on social media. Undoubtedly YouTube is a very popular channel among people from all walks of life. […]

Vital Elements To Check in Your Facebook Business Page

Are you running a Facebook business page? Are you satisfied by your reach? Do you often wish to get more followers or establish a stronger presence on this popular platform? If you answered ‘Yes’ to the questions above then this article is a must-read for you. A lot of business owners have opted for a […]