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How Social Media Affects Customer Behavior

Social media has greatly influenced changes in the activity of retailers and consumers. The popularity of various social media platforms made rise for new alternatives to allow brands to speak and connect with their target market. Social media affects customer behavior and it influences retailing trends. Absolutely, if you want to achieve greater brand power […]

Social Media’s Pet Sensations

A lot of people exert a lot of effort and time just to gain a very strong presence on social media. Business owners, celebrities and even ordinary people delight at the thought of having a huge number of followers. The emergence of social media management and marketing platforms also made it easier for companies and […]

Formula of an Effective Online Marketing Campaign

Online marketing has become more and more competitive. That is why it is important that we build an effective and comprehensive campaign that will help us survive the challenges of the online world and increase the number of potential clients that we have. The success of your online marketing campaign involves some of the most […]

Top Earning Apps on Facebook

Have you noticed the increasing number of apps on Facebook? Did you ever wonder why Facebook ads always seem to find their place on your timeline? It has been a common practice for businesses to make their pages visible to Facebook users but not only them, because now app developers have already discovered how they […]

Social Media Language That Parents Must Know

The rise of social media did not just made way for various social media management and marketing platforms. In some ways, it created a sort of disparity between the language typically used by adults and the internet slang that many teenagers are using. Communication gap – this is a problem that a lot of adults […]

Content Marketing Metrics To Measure

Content is king and probably, you’ve heard this over and over again. This is a common knowledge for online marketers but have you really taken full advantage of the idea? Have you exerted enough effort to use content marketing to connect with your customers? Are you using the right marketing metrics to know if content […]

Important Social Media Marketing Practices For Businesses

Social media marketing has changed the way people deal with their business. More than ever, marketing strategists found valid reasons to optimize their presence on social media channels where their target audiences are. The pressure is on and undoubtedly, it takes the best social media marketing practices for ventures to make it really big online.

How To Prevent Social Media Campaign Failure

Marketers work really hard for a successful social media campaign. However there are times when efforts seem to be not enough because in spite of all the hard work and time, establishing brand on social media always end up as fail. Social media campaign errors are some of the most important points that must not […]