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Obama Photos that You’d Love to See on Instagram

Instagram has gained tremendous popularity and through this network you’ll be able to peek at the lives of different people… what they do, how they look, and the things that interest them. Wouldn’t it be interesting if a popular social sharing network like Instagram will also show the other side of a popular person that […]

What Politicians Have To Say On Twitter

It’s the age of social media and even politicians found it really important to learn the ropes of posting and tweeting to become more visible to their communities and followers. Twitter is one of the most used social platforms and it has also made way for some of the most remarkable tweets and hashtags from […]

Craziest Selfies That Lurk Social Media

Whenever you open your social media account or take a tour of your friends’ timeline, it is nearly impossible that you won’t find a selfie shot! Camera phones and the latest apps have influenced a lot of people to love the idea of taking their personal photos and then sharing them on their social media […]

Must-Download Free True Blood Apps for Android

True Blood fanatics are now raving because of the seventh and final season of True Blood.  According to the teasers, viewers should not fail to miss any of this season’s episodes from start to finish as unexpected twists will unfold sooner than they think. Are you prepared to say goodbye to one of its original […]

How To Make The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has grown largely during the past years and continues to attract professionals and companies. Indeed, this social media channel has proved its importance in terms of audience reach and as it continues to roll out new features for its members, the chance for you to connect with your target market has also grown tremendously. […]

How LinkedIn Can Grow Your Business Using Postific

LinkedIn is one of the most leading names when it comes to social networking. But aside from being a popular channel for professionals who want an online profile, LinkedIn can also be used for business-to-business social networking. It can put you where the action is. LinkedIn can grow your business and with the help of […]

What Viral Photos Are Made Of

Nowadays, one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a product, service, or brand is by claiming a strong presence on the social media – and to be able to do this, you have to create a hype using your content and images. The question now is how to do it? A viral image offers […]