Auto-posting to Unlimited LinkedIn Groups with Postific

Auto-posting to Unlimited LinkedIn Groups with Postific

As we know LinkedIn is the biggest business social network right now and a lot of people are getting new leads or customers through this network. However in order to engage more and more people you need to always reach your audience with great content and really interesting and valuable posts.

Because of that you need to spend a lot of time in:

  • Getting the content
  • Finding a suitable image for it
  • Create the post
  • Share it on your profile
  • Share it with all the other LinkedIn Groups that you are member of

Now I said “LinkedIn Groups”. Actually the most important part of this business network are the groups. A lot of people are sharing the same interests in these groups and a lot of people are reaching new customers exactly through these places.

But imagine if you are member of 50 different groups and you want to share your content or information about your company through all these 50 groups? And you want to do that  once or twice every week?

That’s A LOT OF work for a person just to go over all these groups and share the content manually. But imagine that you need to share it to 50 LinkedIn Groups, then share it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc … and all of this manually?

And you have NO IDEA what’s happening when you post over these networks because you have NO clue who is clicking on your links or who is sharing your content. Of course you can use bitly to track the clicks, but with bitly is really hard to have a clear list of all your URLs and track the GEO stats and clicks properly.

Because of all these problems we created a really cool feature in Postific where you can connect your LinkedIn profile and together with this to connect all your LinkedIn Groups into our system. What does this mean is that you can basically add all your LinkedIn Groups to Postific ONCE and then share content to one or all of them automatically with one single click.

Yes, that’s correct, we allow our users to share to UNLIMITED number of LinkedIn Groups automatically and together with that we are including a few really important features for our users:

  • Instant posting – This means that you will be able to create a social campaign and post it immediately to all your LinkedIn groups
  • Scheduled posting – You can create an unlimited set of scheduled social posts and send them on a specific date or specific time
  • Analytics – So something that is really important for all people is HOW TO measure the engagement of their content and how to analyze what’s the result of their post. In order to resolve that problem we have added advanced reports for all social posts so our users can measure and track the whole process of engagement with their content and they actually can see which LinkedIn Groups are working for them, so they can continue posting only to these specific groups after that.
  • Grouping – I mentioned something about sending to specific LinkedIn Groups above. What I mean is that in Postific our users can create a GROUP containing different social profiles or social groups and they can basically post content to these specific groups without adding all the accounts in the send list manually, really cool isn’t it?

So basically with all these features explained above Postific is:

  • Saving you a lot of time
  • Increasing your productivity
  • Giving you the ability to group your audience in a better way
  • Giving you advanced reporting for all your social content
  • Providing a safe and secure way of posting your content without worrying that it will be marked as spam

Last thing that you are probably going to ask yourself: “Does auto-posting to multiple LinkedIn Groups actually works”. The answer is “YES”. Auto posting will help you to reach more people, to engage more, to develop new relationship and reach more clients.

Here a video which you can watch and see how exactly this works:

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  • Stuart Davidson

    Great feature here Ross.

    If you could add some intelligent posting system so that it doesn’t auto-post to all 50 at once, then that would be even better. I know it doesn’t matter too much with unmoderated groups because it’s normal for people to post the same content to multiple groups. But if there was a time-staggered system that would make it look even less robotic.

    Also, and i’m probably dreaming here, but incorporating an intelligent spin system so that each message isn’t identical would be valuable.

    • postific

      Thanks Stu! We are planning these improvements for the next few days and they will be on live! :)

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