best times to post on social media

Best Times To Post On Social Media

The success of your content marketing plan can be affected greatly by getting the perfect timing to post on various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and blogs. So if you are a content marketer, you should make it a point to know and strictly adhere with the best times to post on social media channels.

The activity of your audience is absolutely one of the most vital factors to consider to determine the best times to post content on your preferred social networks. It is vital to know when your audience is most active, as well as when their presence on social media is low to be able to create an editorial calendar for your marketing campaign that has the capability to maximize your reach and increase the chance for your content to go viral.

Understand Audience Activity

Majority of small businesses use social media to boost their marketing strategy, attract potential clients, and build their brand. As Facebook pages, tweets, and photos become more engaging, it can only be expected that the rate of social media users will also continue to grow using the most popular platforms for communication.

Any business that uses social media for their marketing campaign should be able to understand the activity of their audience in order to maximize the chance to achieve their goals using their preferred channels. And what could be better than being able to save effort and time while making the most of your social media campaign by choosing the perfect timing to post your content?

Enjoy the luxury of managing your social media marketing campaign easily and reap the rewards of visibility and greater audience reach by taking advantage of the best times to post content on social media channels.

Catch People During Their Downtime

Content marketing on social media is not just having the right content but it is also important to know when your audience will be most receptive to the content you’ll post. In terms of social media content marketing, the optimal time to post is during the downtime of your audience. It is important to determine the time of the day when they are not that busy, enough to be able to check the content posted on their news feeds and status pages, and even share the ones that they consider worthy.

The Best Times To Post On Social Media Channels

If you are interested to know the best times to post content on social media channels, listed below are some of the fast facts that will help you determine the time that will allow you to maximize audience reach via the social media.

To be able to make the most of your social media presence, you have to take note of the following points that give an overview of audience activity:


Of the 751 million people who use mobile phones for Facebook , 80% of them check their accounts early morning and they are least likely to check during work hours.


Twitter users usually take the chance to share their thoughts or retweet in the afternoon, while audience engagement is more likely to increase during weekends.


For Google+, nighttime is not the best choice because during this time posts made are most likely to perform worst.


To be able to make the most of your profile on LinkedIn, it is most ideal to post your content before and after work hours to receive the highest traffic. According to studies, it is also most ideal to post con Tuesdays and Thursdays especially if you are targeting business people.


Weekends are considered the best times for content sharing preferably on mornings to make way for weekend projects, Pinterest is the most preferred channel of DIY persons, home decorators, and party planners.

Mastering the time to post content will surely have an enormous impact on your social media campaign. Understand the activities of your audience and grab the perfect timing that will help you capture their attention easily.

Post At The Right Time Using Social Media Tools

There are people who may think that being there at different times to post content means hard work and time consumption, but this will only be true if you will not take advantage of the social media tools that will allow you to schedule content posting on various social channels at once.

Postific is a social media marketing platform that allows posting of content so you can follow your most preferred schedule and take advantage of audience engagement. If you think content marketing on social media is demanding and can drain your effort and time, try Postific to be able to take advantage of a cost-efficient strategy make your content visible on your desired audience!