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Intensify Your Social Media Campaign Using Trending Topics

Social media has become the platform that doesn’t just connect you with a worldwide audience. It has also become the venue for breaking news to circulate and become a hot topic. Most of the time, social media already captures the story even before traditional media gets their coverage and this is the reason why more people tune in to popular social networks when in search of  news that can be the talk of the town.

Social media people usually find excitement in becoming the bearer of fresh news and topics that will trend on social media channels. But it doesn’t stop at that, because trending topics also bring advantages for social media marketers who want to put their brand visible where people gather to have conversations.
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ice bucket challenge

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Are You Up for It?

If you are an active social media user, you will surely notice that a lot of people are posting about the ‘ice bucket challenge’ and for sure, you have already seen ordinary people and celebrities who already take on the challenge.

It’s nice to see how people react to the challenge but to appreciate it; you must first understand what it’s really all about? Is it just a craze that craves social media attention? The answer is an absolute ‘NO’ – there is certainly more to the ice bucket challenge than what meets the eye.
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Social networking concept

Google+ Features That You May Not Be Aware Of

Google+ has emerged as one of the most popular products of Google. It has already attracted a lot of users and is now being compared with Facebook. Google+ has already gone a long way but for sure, there are still lots of Google+ users who are not yet familiar about its amazing features.

Certainly, there is more to Google+ than what meets the eye especially for marketers. To be able to make the most of this platform, you should first take a look at what you can do with its functions and explore its benefits.
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facebook buy button

What Facebook ‘Buy’ Button Means for E-Commerce Sites

Facebook marketing has already gone through a lot of transformations and most of these are geared to enable e-commerce sites to gain more from their social media presence.

Facebook pages for business and Facebook ads have somehow contributed greatly in connecting businesses to their targeted audiences. But it looks like it doesn’t just stop there. Recently, Facebook tested a way for advertisers to create a direct sales pitch to consumers through the Facebook ‘Buy’ button.
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Twitter sign

‘No-Brainer’ Tricks to Improve Your Brand on Twitter

Are you a newbie in the Twitter marketing department? Want to know simple yet effective techniques to build your presence on Twitter?

Twitter marketing presents great challenges to marketers. Penetrating this platform and reaching out to your target audience may not be that simple but the good news is that you can always take the easy way! There are ‘no-brainer’ tricks to improve your brand on Twitter, help you achieve more, and get you closer to your goals without the sweat.

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formula of a great content

Secret Formula of a Great Content Revealed

Writing a content that delivers results for your business remains to be a challenge. Being able to produce content in huge quantity is still not good enough if you will fail to come up with content that helps you meet the objectives of your business and improve the results of lead generation.

What is the secret formula of a great content? This is a question that leaves a lot of people in the world of content marketing wanting for more. Content is an essential part of a marketing campaign and whether you think that you are the best writer there is, you really can’t ignore the tactics that improve your content strategy, deliver better results, and elevate the status of your business.
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Social Media Errors

Top 10 Errors that Hurt Your Brand on Social Media

Nowadays, people who do business online find reasons to work really hard and spend a considerable amount of time to claim their place in social media. Establishing a presence on various social networking channels can really elevate your brand and make it a familiar sight among social media users. It used to mean hard work but thanks to a social media management and marketing platform, establishing your presence across a variety of networks is so much easier.

However, that’s not all there is to know to achieve great recognition in your industry. The foundation of an effective social media strategy will be useful in implementing your plan correctly. It will also be important to assess if you are actually using your efforts correctly and not engaging in strategies that actually hurt your brand on social media.

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google hangouts

Top 10 Biggest Earners on YouTube

YouTube is one of the social channels that enjoy a great number of following and usually, it becomes the go-to resource of people looking for DIY instructions, movie and music downloads, tutorials, and even videos that went viral on social media.

Undoubtedly YouTube is a very popular channel among people from all walks of life. Whether you are a student or a professional, you will find a lot of useful resources on this networking site.

However aside from those facts, did you know that YouTube has also become the venue for instant millionaires? The popularity of this networking site has also been used for a lot of people to become instant ‘celebrities’ in their own right.
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social media affects customer behavior

How Social Media Affects Customer Behavior

Social media has greatly influenced changes in the activity of retailers and consumers. The popularity of various social media platforms made rise for new alternatives to allow brands to speak and connect with their target market. Social media affects customer behavior and it influences retailing trends. Absolutely, if you want to achieve greater brand power you need to focus on your social media marketing efforts.

Read on this article to help you understand the effects of social media on customer behavior.
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