social media tools

Power Up Your Business Using Social Media Tools

Are you into social media marketing? Do you want to build stronger connections with your target audience?

Social media plays a huge role on the success of online businesses. But in order to get your strategies working, a lot of time and effort should be dedicated and you can’t afford to simply lose track of your campaign. This may mean huge work but with the help of social media tools, you can devise a plan and implement it accordingly to create results that will bring the best improvements on your business.
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how your facebook news feed can attract potential clients

What to Expect from the New Facebook Atlas

Facebook announced the relaunch of Atlas, an ad serving and measurement platform that can impact the strategies of marketing specialists and advertising executives through its built-in targeting and measurement capabilities.

The New Facebook Atlas: An Overview

Facebook Atlas is focused on people-based marketing that is aimed at building connections with real people across devices and platforms. It can overcome problems with cross-device advertising by targeting, serving and measuring across devices.
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social media brand

Steps to a Reputable Social Media Brand

Social media has absolutely conquered the online world and has developed several ways to keep people connected through a wide range of social media tools and platforms.

Social media’s strong impact is felt even in the online business community and it has become a must for social media to become a basic part of marketing strategies.  And to be able to create a successful social media campaign, establishing trust with your target audience is a main priority.

Is it possible to build trust among your target audience? Can you build strong ties with them?

Of course – IF you will be able to create a trustworthy social media brand.
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social media hacking

No-Nonsense Ways to Avoid Social Media Hacking

It was just recently when online users were shocked by hacks involving popular and widely used platforms such as iCloud and Gmail. This created a scare among online users especially those who use their social media accounts in keeping important and private files.

The iCloud hacking scandal left a lot of nude photos of celebrities available online and though Google already assured their followers that there is no reason for alarm regarding the supposedly Gmail hacking issue, it was still recommended to check security settings in order to keep Google accounts of subscribers secured and uncompromised.

Issues involving online security and privacy continue to leave social media account users with questions on privacy and account security. Social media hacking can cause serious trouble and bring up reasons for panic. Getting personal information and data divulged online without your consent can result in major problem but the good news is there are ways to stay free from the troubles that social media hacking can possibly bring.
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online video marketing tools

Online Video Marketing Tools to Increase Your ROI

Undoubtedly, online video marketing remains to be the most effective approach to promote  a business. Videos can be produced at a low cost. With online videos, you can enhance your digital presence and deliver a message to a great number of web users effectively.

Through online video marketing, a business is able to speak directly to its audience and consistently deliver the right message to its target market.  Video is arguably the most effective means on the planet by which to market a brand. However, you should know that online videos will only be as effective as the way they’re supposed to be if you will be able to incorporate a marketing plan that will allow you to connect with the most number of leads and gain great conversions.
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most powerful linkedin features

The Most Powerful LinkedIn Features that Impact Personal Branding

Are you looking for ways to create a commanding personal brand online?

LinkedIn came up with upgrade on its features to ensure that your profile will be available and noticed on the right places.

Maintaining a strong reputation online depends on how well you manage your personal brand. To present more opportunities in creating a remarkable presence, the most powerful LinkedIn features have been created to help online users in making their profiles stand out.

Check out the list of LinkedIn features that can bring tremendous improvements on your personal branding.
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url shorteners

How URL Shorteners Impact Social Media Marketing

The URL of your post plays a huge role on the success of your social media marketing campaign. It is certainly important to give it the right amount of attention that can equate the effort that you put into creating a great content.

One of the ways to make the best use of your URL is the use of the right URL shortener. There are already lots of websites that are using shortened URLs. When used properly, it can be one of the most useful social media tools that can effectively aid in making your social media campaign a huge success.
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create connection through content

Fool-Proof Techniques to Create Connection through Content

As the competition for online presence intensifies, it has also become a huge challenge for marketers to create  connection with their audience and establish user engagement at the same time.

Most inbound marketing agents use social media channels to create a community, engage audiences and generate leads. This process involves finding prospects and fostering connections. Along with these, it is also important to find ways to interact with a new audience while nurturing the ones that you already have. It may be a difficult process but through effective content marketing strategies, connection and engagement can come instantly.

Positive engagement connects your brand with your audience on an emotional level and the good news is that you can create connection through content!

Discussed in this article are some of the most useful content marketing strategies that will surely help you create connections and drive engagement among your audience.
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twitter analytics tool

Twitter Analytics Tool: Stats Dashboard Now Available for Everyone

If you are a Twitter user, you must really be interested to know if your 140 character posts are doing much for your social media campaign. In response to the need of their users, the microblogging service finally made the Twitter analytics tool available for everyone through its stats dashboard.

The Twitter analytics tool has been launched in July and was originally made available for advertisers. It was only recently when other users were given access to the tool. Now that the stats dashboard can already be viewed, users can already gain access to information so that they will know the impact of their posts and assess their popularity in the social media networking channel.
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google webmaster tools

Top 3 Features of Google Webmaster Tools

If you are into digital marketing, there are tools that you cannot afford to simply disregard. The importance of having an aggressive website is unquestionable and as the competition tightens, online marketers have so much to be thankful for useful applications including the most dependable social media tools and the Google Webmaster tools.

This article focuses on the features of Google Webmaster tools that are optimized for the major search engine, Google. It has become a very indispensable tool for webmasters as it allows them to understand and improve a website on Google search.
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