content marketing metrics

Content Marketing Metrics To Measure

Content is king and probably, you’ve heard this over and over again. This is a common knowledge for online marketers but have you really taken full advantage of the idea? Have you exerted enough effort to use content marketing to connect with your customers? Are you using the right marketing metrics to know if content marketing is helping you achieve your goals?

This article will help you understand content marketing better and at the same time evaluate if it adds value to your efforts on search engine optimization, social media marketing, and your company’s overall branding.

Content Marketing: An Overview

Content produced by a business or organization serves to offer audience some information about a particular expertise, while at the same time making them aware of the products and services they offer. By providing useful content, the audience of an industry can easily count on you as a dependable go-to resource. This will in turn help you gain new leads that can become your most loyal clients in the long run.

However, aside from creating your content it is also important to know the right marketing metrics that will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your strategy. There are different ways to measure your content marketing campaign but you should only focus on the ones that can help you evaluate and monitor your progress accurately.

content marketing metrics

Content Marketing Metrics:

 Audience Consumption   

This is a basic metric that should be critically assessed in order to evaluate how your audience consumes the content that you shared. There are tools that can help you understand audience consumption. Google Analytics is one of the most preferred tools to generate important data such as page views, audience activity and content reach.

Share Value

Most content marketers are after the idea of getting their content viral as it enables them to establish maximum audience reach. Sharing metrics can help determine the capacity of your content to affect and connect with your audience. The number of shares, likes, retweets, and reaction that your content creates are metrics that determine its ‘Share’ value. Increasing this makes social sharing easier as your audience helps you in reaching out to other audiences in your niche.

Social Interaction

Another important metric that must be measured is how your content was able to initiate social interaction. Was your content interesting enough to become the topic of discussions? Was it able to raise curiosity among your audience? Creating content for social media helps in making your brand visible and interesting enough to be worthy of attention. It is through social interactions that the value of your efforts is intensified. Now that there is already a free social media management software that can help you market your brand across social networks, you won’t even have to worry about getting your content visible to your audience by posting at the right time on various social channels.

Lead Generation

Absolutely, content marketing isn’t just about getting audience to see the information that you are offering. In the world of online marketing, content is more valuable and effective if it can generate profit to your site especially after the content is consumed by your target audience. A content that brings financial rewards is the one that any online business needs. Track audience activity after they read your content and see if you were able to drive them to respond to your call to action.

content marketing metrics

Content marketing can bring conversions. Your leads, followers, subscribers, and visitors can drive revenue for your business and make you enjoy the real value of content marketing. You can grow leads from web traffic and social media marketing and you may even be surprised to know that ordinary visitors to your site became your loyal clients.

The content you produce is valuable enough to define the value of your company and create a unique and valuable experience for your audience. Put more effort on creating high-quality and shareable content and for sure, you will not just increase site traffic but also convert leads to sales.