Create An Editorial Calendar For Your Marketing Campaign On Postific

Content remains to be king when it comes to establishing a prominent website presence and if you think that the growing number of social media channels only makes the task of social media management more complicated, you are wrong – especially if you will create an editorial calendar that can step up your social media marketing campaign.

Overcoming the Pressure of Content Marketing

A social media manager usually has to deal with pressure especially when it comes to publishing timely and engaging content. Nowadays, there is already a wide range of content channels ranging from websites, blogs and a variety of social media marketing platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, and a lot more – each one proving to be essential especially if you want to build your online brand.

Does the growing number of social channels where you can post your content add pressure on your part? Are you using content to promote your brand but haven’t tried using it on a tactical level? By creating an editorial calendar for your marketing campaign on Postific, managing your content and publishing multiple posts in a day will be simple and easy!

Want to learn more about the importance of an editorial calendar? Here are some of the most important benefits that will convince you to create an editorial calendar for your marketing campaign on Postific NOW!

Why Use An Editorial Calendar?

editorial calendar for your marketing campaign

It helps you create a strategy

Strategy must be developed and put in place especially if you want to make your content marketing efforts successful. An editorial calendar allows you to come up with content that suits the interests of your target audience. It also allows content distribution at a time when your target clients are paying attention especially with the help of the best social media management tools like Postific,

It helps you focus on your goals

Your editorial calendar allows you to get a panoramic view of your plans so you can focus on the goals that you want to accomplish. A detailed view of your plan will drive consistent and concentrated efforts on content that matters and useful for your audience so you will enjoy increase on website visits and achieve greater brand popularity.

It puts your team on the same page

Social media marketing campaign demands team collaboration and an editorial calendar will allow your team to stay on the same page to execute and work on shared goals. It also prevents waste of time because each team member sees tasks that were done as well as those that await implementation. An editorial calendar allows team members to do their share of responsibilities, monitor progress and even avoid the most critical errors of online advertising.

It can be integrated to your social media management system

After content is created, the next task that must be done is posting them on time and as scheduled even if that means publishing multiple content on the same day. This could be very difficult, but not if you will make use of free social media management tools like Postific.

Postific makes scheduling and posting of content on various social media platforms simple and easy. You will only spend a short time working on content scheduling while the system takes charge to publish several posts in a day according to your preferred day and time. It also offers social media monitoring and measurement so you can keep track of your progress.

Content marketing can pose great challenges but it can be a very effective approach that will establish your consistent presence online. By using an editorial calendar with your social media marketing campaign on Postific, content marketing won’t be as complicated like the way you thought it would be!

Create your editorial calendar and sign up with Postific for a free trial that will surely simplify social media marketing management!