create content that will be liked and shared across social media

Create Content That Will Be Liked and Shared Across Social Media

Social media has greatly impacted the way modern-day businessmen stay connected to their business, their team and their industry. Social media marketing has become a very effective strategy to build a brand and establish connection with potential leads. It has become an essential part of business and undoubtedly, one of the secrets to social media success is in crafting a content that will be liked and shared across the social media.

Content that goes viral across social media seems like a dream come true for a social media marketer because it will result in thousands of shares and likes. Content can bring great exposure for your brand, the question is how can you make your company’s content emerge above the rest? What are the ways to create content that will be liked and shared across social media.

When posting content, it is important to keep in mind that people share for different reasons so it will be important to know how you can create the response that you want from your audience.

create content that will be liked and shared across social media

Here are some of the pointers and suggestions that will show you how you can create content that will be liked and shared across social media:

#1: Get Your Content ‘Liked’

It is natural among people to have a strong desire for approval. Actions and decisions often require approval or validation from other people. In a study, it was discovered that people are most likely to agree or show approval on a pre-liked comment.

Our suggestion: Make buttons for like and share visible around your content. It will also be ideal to show the like and share count to make your content appear more interesting.

#2. Consider Audience Reaction

A study showed that articles that bear positive news are more likely to go viral. Most people are willing to be the bearer of good news and not become the reason for other people to feel down. It will also be important to focus on content that can greatly arouse emotions including happiness, astonishment, anger, anxiety, and awe because it will get more shares than content that doesn’t touch the emotions of people.

Our suggestion: Know your audience and develop content that can trigger their emotions. Create reactive content and use headlines that arouse curiosity to make your content absolutely engaging, memorable, and shareable.

#3. Offer Useful Information

Audiences are very interested in facts that are surprising and informative. Your readers will assess the usefulness of your content to be able to decide if it is share-worthy. A lot of social media users share content that can enrich the lives of other people.

Our suggestion: Create content that can help your audience. Content that tells them ‘How’ and answers their questions will be appreciated. Share tips for them to make usually complex processes easier to understand.

#4. Create ‘Mirror’ Content

A lot of people post and share content that actually mirrors their beliefs and values. Social media has become a way for people to show a part of their personality as well as the things that they care about.

Our suggestion: Research your demographics. Learn how your audience thinks and develop content that resonates your readers.

create content that will be liked and shared across social media

#5. Choose ‘Hot’ Topics

There are certain topics that can really heighten the interests of your target market and you can use that chance to open a conversation that will build a connection between like-minded people. Hot topics can even build new relationships among those who will engage in the discussion.

Our suggestion: Choose trending topics in your industry to develop your content. “Strike while the iron is hot” and for sure, it will be a lot easier to inspire discussion among your audience.

#6. Distribute Content To The Right Channels

For your content to get the most number of views, likes, and shares, you need to distribute it to various social media channels. This will allow you to reach out to a wide range of audience and get a higher chance of gaining the response and attention you want.

Our suggestion: Use images along with your content to make it more attractive and worthy of readers’ attention. It is also recommended to use a free social media management software like Postific to help you in the distribution of content. Postific can help your business by allowing you to manage social media accounts in one place and track the progress of your campaign.