Essential apps to improve facebook page for business

Essential Apps To Improve Facebook Page For Business

Your Facebook page for business can help in the promotion of your products and services and it even gives better advantages because of the free advertising space it offers that enables your brand to be promoted among your target audience. However, it is important to note that having a Facebook page for business is not all it takes to build a remarkable brand on social media. You will find some apps to be essential on the improvement of your Facebook page for business.

As more businesses are attracted with the idea of using Facebook to increase brand awareness and audience reach, you need to come up with ideas to ensure that your Facebook page will become more accessible for users and your targeted clients – this is where the most essential apps for your Facebook page come in.

Driving Engagement Through Your Facebook Page For Business

There is a wide variety of groups on Facebook and because of the tough competition among business owners, a marketer has to come up with solutions that can make a page more accessible, noticeable, and effective.

essential apps to improve facebook page for business

Listed below are some of the most essential apps that you can use for your Facebook page:

YouTube Tab

One of the most innovative marketing options is video sharing as it helps in the promotion of products and services. The YouTube tab allows you to make the most of video sharing by promoting your content to millions of potential users. It can be used to integrate your YouTube page to your Facebook account so that your page visitors will have a direct access to your videos shared online without necessarily leaving your page.


Want to connect your other social media accounts into your Facebook page for business? Statigram helps business professionals to view their social networking channels as separate marketing tools and it will really help a lot if your Facebook page for business will work as the central hub where cross promotion of content can be done.  By using Statigram, Facebook can serve as the connecting link to other social networking sites under your business name.


ShortStack is the app to use especially if you want to increase engagement on your Facebook page for business. ShortStack encourages participation among your followers. It can turn ordinary fans to active followers and increase the chance for them to gain interest on your website, and possibly purchase any of your offers. Using ShortStack, you will be able to offer users polls, data collection services, and even analytics to ensure that your Facebook business page will be working very well for you.

Blog Software

If you have a blog for your business, you need to make it a part of your online strategy. You need to make sure that your audience will be familiar with the content that you are publishing. Using blog software, you can get more people to see your blog. Usually, traffic to your blog is comparably lower than the traffic that you will get on your Facebook page. But with blog software, you will be able to integrate your blog right into your profile to make your content available to a greater number of audiences. This will help in the expansion of your market share and even introduce you to a wider client base.


There is a wide variety of options if you are looking for a social media marketing dashboard and you have to know the social media tools that will work best for your business. Postific is a social media marketing management platform for small and medium businesses. It allows posting of content in advance, monitoring of posts and mentions, as well as tracking of your social media marketing campaign. By signing up on Postific, you will be able to manage your Facebook business page using ninja-style Facebook management which means achieving a lot without putting too much work into your hand or spending huge amount of your effort and time.

If you are already feeling hopeless in maximizing the potential of your Facebook page for business, you can resort to the tools and apps that will change the way you deal with social media marketing. Using these apps, you can improve results, drive user engagement, and make your target audience more familiar about the products and services that you offer.