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Explore Twitter’s Photo Tagging Feature

Social media poses challenges for marketers to become more innovative when staging their campaigns. Twitter, a popular social media channel starts to innovate by introducing new features that are also used by more complex social networks like Facebook.

Previously, Twitter users are left with no other choice but to use a very simple architecture when posting a status. But now aside from posting a link or @mention to refer to another user that alerts them to the message, Twitter has come up with a more exciting way to post your tweets!

Just recently, Twitter has rolled out two new mobile features that help in making this social media platform more social. Instead of simply storing tweets in plain texts, Twitter users can now add photos to their tweets and tag friends, without eating the 140 characters allowed for a single tweet.

Twitter’s Photo Tagging Features

To make Twitter more social, the company now offers its photo tagging feature which works in two ways:

  1. Photo Tagging – An option that lets you tag the people in your photo.

  2. Photo Sharing – An option that allows Twitter account users to include up to four photos in a Tweet.

Excited to know more about Twitter’s photo tagging feature so you can incorporate it to your social media marketing management plan? Read on the following discussion to explore and know more about the feature that will surely change the way users tweet their posts.


Photo Tagging

This Twitter photo tagging feature allows users to tag up to 10 people in a photo.

Discover how your social media management system can be enhanced by using this feature when posting tweets. Photo tagging can make way for your photo to become a point of conversation especially among the people who are in the picture. By using this feature, you can take advantage of a simple way to make photo sharing fun and absolutely talk of the town.

What makes Twitter’s photo tagging feature even better is that you can tag up to ten names without affecting the character count in your Tweet. Tag and use all 140 characters at your disposal, so you can connect with your friends and send a clear message.

How Is Photo Tagging Done?

There are simple instructions that you must follow to use Twitter’s photo tagging feature:

  1. Choose a Photo

  2. Tap on “Who’s in this photo?”

  3. Type the name of the person that you want to tag

  4. Tweet the photo!

  5. Tagged people will receive a notification. If you’re the one being tagged, you will be notified. You can also adjust notifications through your settings, so you can choose the people who can tag you.

Photo Sharing

This feature allows sharing of up to 4 photos in a single Tweet.

This is an exciting addition to how your tweets are created. Photo sharing allows you to share a series of photos that automatically create a collage. View your chosen images in a collage. The ability to upload multiple photos can be used on iPhone, and will soon be made available to Android and users. Whatever your choice of device is, you can view Tweets with multiple photos!

How Is Photo Sharing Done?

  1. Tap on ‘Preview’

  2. Select up to 4 photos from the Tweet composer

  3. Tap on a photo to see it in full, then swipe to see the rest

Not sure, if the Twitter photo tagging feature will work for you?

Don’t worry because opting out is easy!

Opting Out

People will react differently to this latest feature from Twitter. Some will welcome the change but there are also those who would rather opt for the traditional way to post tweets.

If you are one of the people who worry about losing control of their photos online and do not want acquaintances and strangers to tag your image, there is an easy way to opt out of Twitter’s photo tagging feature.

Here are the steps that you can follow:

  1.  Go to ‘Settings’
  2. Click on:

  • ‘Security and Privacy’ if you are on the web

  • ‘Privacy Settings’ if you are on iOS

  • ‘Other Settings’ if you are on Android

  1. Under the Photo Tagging selection, select from the following options:

  • ‘Allow anyone to tag me in photos’

  • ‘Only allow people I follow to tag me in photos’

  • ‘Do not allow anyone to tag me in photos’

Your social media presence will be more powerful if you can use features that will make your posts more interesting and Twitter finally found a way to make tweets more engaging.

Explore and learn more about Twitter’s photo tagging feature to discover innovative ways to connect with your social media followers!