'nofollow' links

Exposing the Real Value of ‘NoFollow’ Links

In the world of online marketing professionals, so much focus is given on acquiring followed links in order to pass on some ‘juice’ from one website to another. Earning followed links for a client’s website has become a common practice in this industry. But even if it can bring benefits, this should not give anyone a reason to disregard the importance of also acquiring ‘nofollow’ links.

Certainly, acquiring ‘nofollow’ links for a client is not a waste of time and effort. Just like the much coveted ‘follow’ links that marketers usually work for, ‘nofollow’ links also offer powerful features that should bring remarkable improvements on how a website is recognized.

To enlighten you further, discussed in this post are the top 3 reasons why ‘nofollow’ links are valuable.

The Real Value of ‘NoFollow’ Links

‘NoFollow’ Links Create Awareness

‘Nofollow’ links present ingenious ways to build awareness among people targeted by your website. This type of link is of great importance if you are looking forward to the idea of making your brand known to a particular group of audience or if you want a huge number of people to realize the importance of the product or service that you are offering.

One important reminder that business owners should be aware of is that ‘nofollow’ links actually work because as long as it is seen, awareness can still be created. Most of the time, making your brand visible is enough to influence your audience. It doesn’t have to be followed or clicked at all times for a link to be of great use for your brand.

‘NoFollow’ Links Bring Profit

The power of a nofollow link should never be underestimated as it can convince a person that the product or service that a website is offering is worth spending on. Once it establishes awareness about your brand, it can engage people and help in establishing a reputation that can make any product worth the try.

Practically, nofollow links build awareness that leads to engagement that later on can be converted to profit. Paying customers do not always connect to a website using followed links, sometimes they just have to see if a brand is worthy enough to be given their attention, get searched, and engage in whatever it offers.

'nofollow' links

‘NoFollow’ Links Can Get You More Links

With a ‘nofollow’ link, it is highly possible to acquire another link that can influence greater traffic to your website. In this case, social media tools have become very influential in making ‘nofollow’ links work. Content posted on a high-quality and industry relevant blog with a nofollow link can be spotted by a web user, and it doesn’t simply stop there especially if you will consider the number of people who will engage on the article by leaving their comments or by blogging about the content they found.

There are more links that you can earn with a nofollow link especially if you will be able to provide your followers content that they will find interesting and valuable. You can leverage lead generation especially when social media efforts are put to work. One link can lead to many and can work to put your business on top of its link building campaign.

Final Note:

For an online business to become successful, it matters a lot to acquire good links from all possible sources whether it is a follow or no follow link. There are different ways to get your brand visible across a competitive online world and as much as so much attention is being given to follow links, you should not look at nofollow links as the end of your future in the world of Internet marketing. One link can lead to many and you just need to make the most of your efforts in building quality links for greater engagement.