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Facebook Messenger App: An Update on Facebook Mobile’s Messaging System

Just recently, Facebook launched the new Facebook Messenger app. This application is exclusively used for messaging and has been a feature of Facebook’s main application for some time. A popular social media tool, any update made by Facebook will surely affect millions of web users. Certainly, it matters a lot to know the changes that the Messenger app will bring particularly among iPhone and Android phone users.

The launch of the Facebook Messenger app is a preparation for the removal of the messaging feature on Facebook mobile. It looks like Facebook is very eager to encourage people to use the new app that they have launched and have started informing Facebook app users through email about the changes that are expected to take place.

The emails sent by the company explain to Facebook app users the need to download the Messenger app in order to continue sending and receiving messages. In the days to come iPhone and Android users are bound to experience changes on the way they send and receive messages. The company promises that the Facebook Messenger app will make way for better delivery of messages and improved user experience.

Here are some of the things that you have to know about the Facebook Messenger app that will acquaint you better with how it works before actually downloading the improved app.

facebook messenger app

What You Must Know About Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook Messenger app offers works similarly as SMS and other mobile messaging apps. It has features that will allow you to connect with people on their phones automatically.

People who are using Facebook mobile will be required to install the Messenger app and use it to send and receive messages. There are features that make the Facebook Messenger app, a worthy download that can improve the experience of Facebook users.

  • Extended reach to contacts – Friends can be texted for free and there is no chance for you to miss messages as contacts can be reached through phone and the web.
  • More ways to create conversations – With the Facebook Messenger app, it is easier to send messages to friends or start a conversation with your group. You can share photos, videos, stickers and many more. Another feature that you should know is that now, you can also include friends of friends in conversations. There is also an option to view important conversations with a group in one place.
  • Easy access to messages – The Facebook Messenger app allows you to get right to your messages. It comes with free push notifications, allowing you to see a message right away. There are also in-app notifications that will allow you to switch between multiple conversations easily.

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Where to Get the Facebook Messenger App?

For those who can’t afford to miss any message using their Facebook Messenger app, the app is already available for download for iPhone, Android, and Windows phones.

There are already more than 200 million users who are using the Facebook Messenger app and according to the company, it created positive results. If you are an iPhone or Android phone user, you are one of the first people to experience the changes on Facebook’s messaging system. With the features that the Messenger app showcases, downloading the app now seems worth a try.

What can you say about the changes on Facebook mobile’s messaging? Have you tried using the Facebook Messenger app? Share your thoughts!

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