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Google+ Features That You May Not Be Aware Of

Google+ has emerged as one of the most popular products of Google. It has already attracted a lot of users and is now being compared with Facebook. Google+ has already gone a long way but for sure, there are still lots of Google+ users who are not yet familiar about its amazing features.

Certainly, there is more to Google+ than what meets the eye especially for marketers. To be able to make the most of this platform, you should first take a look at what you can do with its functions and explore its benefits.

This article discusses some of the amazing things that you can do with some of the Google+ features that you may not be aware of .

Awesome Google+ Features To Explore

Google+ Embedded Posts

Do you want to make sure that what you posted on Google+ won’t be lost eventually in the newstream? By using Google+ Embedded posts, you are able to put your posts directly onto your blog. This will allow you to revive your post and include it to your most recent blog post. This will give your post more views while also increasing the chance to acquire +1s. With this Google+ feature, your post has higher chances of getting shared by your web visitors from one network to another!

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Google+ Auto Awesome

Did you know that you can create GIF-like animated videos from photos or videos that you’ve uploaded onto your Google+ profile? If that amazed you, you will love this feature even more because creating those animated videos is no sweat! All you have to do is to download the Google+ app onto your device, enable Auto Backup, Auto Awesome and Auto Enhance settings. Once you’re done, upload photos and videos onto Google+ and then wait for just a few minutes for the video to be created. Awesome indeed!

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Google+ Hangouts on Air

Hangouts on Air is a free video broadcasting service which is completely integrated with Google. It has a live streaming to your YouTube channel allowing you to reach out to a greater number of audience and at the same gain access to Hangouts on Air shows that are held by other Google+ users.

Google+ Circles

Google+ Circles enable you to divide your audience into different categories. This will help you share a particular type of content to the right group of people sharing the same interests. This is especially beneficial for marketers who want to distribute content from their marketing blog to potential clients, subscribers and existing clients. With Google+ Circles, you can do blogging and get strategies done efficiently.

+Post ads

Looking for ways to strengthen your content so you can create conversations amongst a large number of people? +Post ads allow the creation of ads based on different Google+ posts. These ads run across Google’s ad network. What’s great about +Post ads is that it entice people to leave their comment on your post, join hangout on air, +1 or follow you without leaving the context of the ad. Basically, it allows other users to interact even without accessing Google+.

Store Photos from Your Phone

Aside from uploading photos with your posts, you can also store photos from your phone using your Google+ account. Google+ helps you free some memory in your phone by offering a dependable spot for uploaded images. Once they’re uploaded you can also edit them and create your image gallery.

Google+ is not just your ordinary social media tool. Certainly, it offers a lot of options that you can explore if you will just take time to discover the features of your Google+ account.