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Google Hangouts: A Better Approach to Social Video Marketing

At this point, social video marketing remains to be a strong factor that contributes to online success. Video marketing allows people to connect and clearly communicate messages to their audience, and as its importance becomes more apparent for online businesses, several products have emerged promising tremendous results in n viral video marketing. One of the products that’s worthy of your attention is Google Hangouts.

Google Hangouts offers businesses the chance to connect with clients “face-to-face”. It allows real time collaboration via live video conference which makes it easier for business to break the barriers when reaching out to customers across national or global boundaries through the unification of its chat, messenger and video conferencing features.

Indeed, it is a very useful tool for viral video marketing and to increase your knowledge about this product from Google, this article discusses some of the most important facts about Google Hangouts.

An Overview of Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is one of the fast rising social media tools that offer a comprehensive video conferencing product for people who have already have their Google+ accounts.

It can be used with a free account that allows a maximum of 10 participants per Google Hangouts video call. On the other hand, a business account is also available which allows a total of 15 participants for a video call.

Through a Google Hangouts call, users will be able to access plug-ins, screen sharing option, a remote desktop app and even collaborate on documents found on Google Drive.


Google Hangouts presents several features that will be useful for your social media marketing campaign including video call, Hangout party, and Hangouts on Air.

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Video Call

This is the main feature of Google Hangouts. To be able to use this feature, you will be prompted to get the Google Talk plugin installed. You can also schedule a video call by setting up your Google Calendar or scheduling a Google Event. Through a video call, you can invite participants and schedule anything.

Hangout Party

This feature is similar with the video call except that the invitation to join is delivered in a different way. With Hangout Party, an announcement is displayed with the “Join Hangout” button which can be useful for informal gatherings as it allows people to join video calls even without a personal invitation. The invitation for a Hangout Party can be shared with a Google Community.

Hangouts On Air

This feature integrates YouTube and video calls. For it to be started, a person should have a verified YouTube channel. Hangouts on Air can be used with a Google Business page. The YouTube content goes to the YouTube channel for the page and you can schedule and promote the event as a Google Event. Hangout On Air can be done using three unique Google products and it all depends on how you want your event to be promoted.

google hangouts

Why it matters for online marketing

Google Hangouts is an important product that online marketers should take advantage. By using Google Hangouts, online marketers are able to gain the edge in viral video marketing and social video advertising through the benefits that it offers:

  • Connect with new customers as you get improved search engine rankings for your landing pages.
  • Google Hangouts produces a YouTube video giving your business better exposure via YouTube and Google Search.
  • By using Google Hangouts, you will be able to create a “buzz” for an upcoming event.
  • Get more shares and +1’s on Google+ so the event that you’re promoting will be visible in search even before the video is posted on YouTube.
  • You can connect and interact with a live audience via comments.
  • Invite industry-relevant participants so your event will also be shared across their followers.
  • Come up with a Scheduled Hangout on Air Event (SHOAE) so you can get your event promoted in advance.
  • Get conversations in one place. Google Hangouts allows text message integration on Android devices and even allows calls to landline and mobile phones for free.

Certainly, Google Hangouts can easily set a trend on social media marketing but like any other products that are being used for video conferencing. Its efficiency relies on your Internet connection, the quality of your webcam, and the type of computer that you are using. These are essential components that will enable the best user experience while ensuring that its features will work without experiencing difficulties.

Social video marketing can give your business the voice and image for your brand. It can also create connections that will help bring recognition for your business. With Google Hangouts, you will be able to chat, send a message to your followers and host a video conference for several participants so you can make the most of your online presence. It is absolutely one of the most important Google+ features that you must explore in order to gain benefits for your business.