How To Make The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

How To Make The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has grown largely during the past years and continues to attract professionals and companies. Indeed, this social media channel has proved its importance in terms of audience reach and as it continues to roll out new features for its members, the chance for you to connect with your target market has also grown tremendously. The question now is how to make the most of your LinkedIn  profile? As the network grows, you also need to come up with strategies to make sure that you will be able to get your campaign rolling and get higher chance of gaining visibility among your audience. To help you make your LinkedIn profile a valuable part of your social media marketing strategies, here are some of the fool-proof strategies that will allow you to make the most of your profile on LinkedIn :

#1. Follow Your Favorites

Check out the ‘Pulse’ page of the site to find collection of posts from thought leaders from around the world. Choose influencers from your industry and then follow them so that they will appear on your profile and their posts will also appear on your feed. Following your influencers is like hitting two birds with one stone because you will not just get the latest insights from the most popular people within your niche but also allows you to show your interests and aspirations among your recruiters.

#2. Share Articles and Write Your Own

Facebook and Twitter are great channels that allow sharing of content with audiences within your network but you should also know that LinkedIn has also become a social media channel that allows sharing of not just articles but also videos that are relevant to your industry and business. By opening up its publishing platform to its regular users, LinkedIn can now also be used as a blog. With this added feature, you can exploit your page to show a new level of personality and give emphasis on your expertise at the same time.

#3. Make Adjustments On Who Can View Your Page

LinkedIn’s Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature will help you know the users who find you and offer a clear understanding of the industries they belong to. By doing these, you can get personalized ideas on how you can attract the attention of the people who view your profile to your page.

How To Make The Most of Your LinkedIn Profile

#4. Take Control Of Your Connections

LinkedIn users should be able to take control of their profile. Connections that are no longer useful should be removed and then build connections with those who can bring you benefits. LinkedIn also allows you to block or report a user who has become very pushy in accessing our information so you can completely eliminate any connection with them.

#5. Join LinkedIn Groups

Your profile on LinkedIn will get more visibility if you will join active group users. This resource gets four times more profile views than those who don’t use this resource. YOu can choose groups, see what discussions are on, and try to be a part of them. Reach out to active group users and for sure, your visibility will improve tremendously.

#6. Create Personalized Messages To Gain New Contacts

LinkedIn allows you to establish connections even with strangers. To add a contact that you don’t know persoanlly, it will be ideal to use a personalized approach by connecting with them using a personal message that explains the reason why you want to build a connection with them and at the same time mentioning how your proposed business connection can make way for huge benefits.

#7. Endorse Your Connections

LinkedIn offers ways for you to build your credibility by endorsing your connections. If you endorse or promote them, there is a chance that they will do the same for you. Just make sure that your endorsements will be precise and direct to the point.

#8. Customize Your Profile

Don’t miss the chance for your profile to get more views by customizing it. Add a clear photo that gives the best view of yourself. Did you know that you can also use a customized URL fir your profile? This will be an advantage if you want to be searched and of course, a customized URL looks a lot better than just a series of numbers that appears on the link you share. Lastly, take advantage of the summary box. This will help you create the right first impression for your profile while being able to use the right keywords that can offer improved SEO benefits for your page. The most effective LinkedIn marketing approaches can make your profile visible among your targeted audience. Develop a social media management system that allows you to make the most of your LinkedIn profile so you can step up your game and enjoy more business.