Social Media Errors

Identifying The Most Common Social Media Marketing Errors

If you think your business is not making the most from social media, you better check your practices now before destroying your reputation and ruining your chance for a successful stint online.

When it comes to social media, there are no rules that will tell what is right or wrong, but there is one thing that you have to keep in mind:

Do social media marketing badly and say goodbye to the chance to build your reputation online.

Social media is about interacting and creating relationships with the people that you want to reach out to. It can create opportunities for you to share your products and services but you have to bear with the fact that you won’t get your most aspired results overnight.

To be able to make the most of social media, it will take time, consistency, and of course, a genuine interest to create and nurture relationships. If you think that these things will put too many loads into your hands, you can always use social media management services or come up with a social media management system that will help you do social media marketing for you…and of course stay away from the troubles that may become the reason why your social media marketing efforts will fail.

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If you are already into social media but feel that it isn’t working the way you expected it to, you may want to check the most common social media marketing errors that you might be doing:

Social Media Marketing Error#1: Killing Your Originality

Do not consume yourself too much with what your competitors are saying because this will only put a stop on your social growth. It will kill your creativity and originality, and before you know it you will only be labeled as nothing more than a copycat of your competitors.

Share your own thoughts and have the voice to be heard, acquire followers, and be visible because you are you, not because the social media is seeing your competitor in you.

Social Media Marketing Error#2: Failing To Create An Agenda

Planning has always been an essential factor for marketing success. Create an agenda that lays out your online and offline marketing plans so you can establish your commitment and leave no room for failure.

Compose a content calendar that will allow you to accomplish your goals without creating conflict with your activities. This way your plans will be executed according to schedule and your social media marketing efforts will flow smoothly.

Social Media Marketing Error #3: Focusing on Pettiness

Never use the social media to throw blames on other people or complain about things that you don’t like because this will only leave you with a bad reputation.

Instead of whining or focusing on pettiness, use social media to set your business apart and rise above your competitors. Stay clear of gossip, instead build relationships. For sure, you will never build a good rapport with your target audience through negative thoughts.

Social Media Marketing Error #4: Failing To Commit

Social media channels should be a two way street that will allow communication between you and your target audience. Keep in mind that it is not just about posting relevant and engaging information because once the audience responds to your post; you need to make sure that they will also get the response they expect from you. Failing to commit is almost the same as allowing others to label you as spam.

Social Media Marketing Error #5: Not Using The Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

Technology has made social media marketing less complicated by making a social media management platform available. Automation has its place in social media because it can save valuable time when sharing information and even allow you to participate in the discussion happening around you. If you use technology to tweet, post and manage every detail of your social media marketing, you are not using social media effectively. Rather than building relationships with followers and fans, automating your existence leaves you looking like a spammer, a pusher and an annoyance to anyone who likes, friends or follows you.

Social media marketing tools like should allow you to create real conversations with the people who matter most to your business. It is the solution that will help build your business reputation without necessarily giving up so much of your time for marketing.

In Conclusion:

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Social media marketing errors can break the chance of your business to succeed. Social media management may require time and dedication but if you think that your hands are already full to still be able to concentrate on your marketing efforts, don’t despair. With the best social media monitoring tools, you can deal away with errors as you watch your business grow!