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Internet Hoaxes That Caused Social Media Rave

Social Media has become the medium for people to be updated with important information and the latest news that they should know. Oftentimes, it is through social media that news are widely propagated especially now that a social media management and marketing platform can already be used to make sharing of content fast and easy.

Indeed, social media has made it possible for news to spread like wildfire. However, it is also important to bear in mind that not everything posted on your news feed is based on facts. For sure, many of you are aware that there are lots of Internet hoaxes that already hit social media – and they seem to be very factual and convincing that a lot of people perceived them as real!

Internet hoaxes have come and gone but there is no doubt that they created strong reaction among people. Are you one of the people who reacted wildly because of an Internet hoax? Did you feel anxiety because of unverified news? Social media has a very strong impact and the Internet hoaxes that caused so much rave prove it.

Want to know the best Internet Hoaxes in social media?

Here is the list of the best Internet hoaxes that hit social media:

The Father of Internet Hoaxes

internet hoaxes

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This photo is the pioneer of Internet hoaxes. Created in 2001, it appeared on the Internet and cause so much rave especially among users who are still clueless about the power of the Internet.

This photo traveled through emails and various accounts and even earned the recognition as National Geographic’s “Photo of the Year”!

The photo actually is the result of two images combined and later on experts learned that it was created to cause sensation and fraud!


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On 2012, this image appeared on Entertainment Tonight’s Twitter feed and you won’t believe the sensation that it created especially among Bieber fans! This is actually a photoshopped image that is meant to confim that the star was diagnosed with cancer. It came with the hashtag #baldforbieber and soon enough after the release of the photo, images came out showing Bieber fan’s with their heads shaved to display their support for the controversial star!

Tourist of Death

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Who won’t forget the devastating 9-11 incident that shook the world? Along with that, a lot of people reacted on this photo which apparently showed the tourist of death. The photo has a guy standing on the World Trade Center and a plane incoming behind him. The date on the photo showed 091101 which is supposedly the moment when 9/11 occurred. It made a lot of rounds on the internet but later on it was declared as hoax! Unsurprisingly, versions of the photo later circulated and most of them associating the man with other historical tragedies.

Gigantic Camel Spiders vs. American Troops

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If you are afraid of spiders, you will surely freak out upon seeing this picture!

What would you think if you will realize that American troops in Iraq do not only suffer from the typical hazards of their job while on a war zone. Apparently, the troops have to deal with prehistoric spiders that are gigantic in size. Additionally, these spiders can run at the speed of 25 miles per hour and even jump several feet up in the air. According to the reports that circulated these spiders grow up to 1 foot in length! Terrible isn’t it? Of course, the story is just an exaggeration that was picked up by many people. The image didn’t use Photoshop, but it was the angle that made the spider look so huge! Of course, the stories that were made up about these camel spiders were responsible for making it a huge sensation in social media!

With various social media channels available for people to post news , information can spread as fast as lightning travels! But before you believe the photos that your eyes see, it is really important to look into the facts and verify the story…or else, you will only end up as the victim of Internet hoax that hit social media!