free true blood apps for android

Must-Download Free True Blood Apps for Android

True Blood fanatics are now raving because of the seventh and final season of True Blood.  According to the teasers, viewers should not fail to miss any of this season’s episodes from start to finish as unexpected twists will unfold sooner than they think.

Are you prepared to say goodbye to one of its original characters? Can’t wait to experience the series with its main cast? Excited to see some flashbacks that you never thought you’d see once more?

Longtime fans truly need to brace themselves to say farewell to their favorite characters and to the show that they followed for seven seasons. But if you are just like the many fanatics who just can’t get enough of the show, you will surely love to follow every episode, listen to the songs, and even try to answer trivia questions that will test your knowledge about True Blood and its characters.

For the True Blood Fans who want more of the shows highlights and most unforgettable scenes and characters even after this season finale, here are some of the True Blood apps that you should download too!

True Blood

Created by True blood fanatics and film makers, this free true blood app offers quality and information that any True Blood follower can ever ask for. This is one of the free true blood apps that can serve fanatics with the freshest and most accurate information on the hit TV series True Blood.

With this free true blood app  for android, you will get news, videos and images right at your finger tips! You will never be deprived of getting the latest updates from the hit series as you are entitled to catch the latest trailers and screenshots even before the rest of the world gets to view them!

To sum it up, here are the features that you will get with this free true blood app:

  • The latest headlines
  • Mind-blowing videos and trailers
  • Latest images and screenshots
  • Insider information into the TV show’s production

This app was built by a group of hardcore True Blood lovers and amateur film makers, so you know that we care about the quality of information you’ll receive.

True Blood Watch Episodes FREE 1.1

Are you a True Blood fanatic but missed some of its episodes? Or do you want to review the past episodes from Season 1 to the most recent ones? This free True Blood Episode App is the best choice for you. Stream episodes from the hit HBO show True Blood. To offer more for the True Blood fanatics, this free True Blood app  for android also offers fun facts about True Blood. Truly, this is an app that every True Blood fanatic must check out!

True Blood Live Wallpaper

free true blood apps for android

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Can’t have enough of True Blood? This free True Blood app  for android can satisfy your cravings for the season finale of this popular TV show. True Blood live wallpaper puts True Blood right on your Home screen. It comes with awesome features that you will surely enjoy! Create ripples by touching the surface of your phone or shaking it.

True Blood Ringtones

Can’t get satisfaction from merely viewing True Blood on TV? Why don’t you download this free True Blood app  for android so you can listen to your favorite True Blood tunes and even save more than 40 True Blood ring tones!

True Blood Central

For a True Blood fanatic, nothing can be better than to be the first one to know the latest the news and updates from the hit TV show’s main cast such as Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer, Ryan Kwanten, Rutina Wesley, and Sam Trammell!  Get the newest updates from your favorite characters as well as the Twitter & Facebook feeds from True Blood’s set using this free True Blood app for  your android devices!

True Blood Quotes Trivia

free true blood apps for andorid

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This free True Blood app is something that any True Blood fanatic will definitely enjoy! If you have followed all the episodes of the TV show, you will find this trivia app very engaging! Just match the quote with the character who said it. This free true blood app is guaranteed to be an addictive and fun game that you would never want to miss.

This free True Blood app for android is loaded with features including:

  • Play mode
  • Practice mode
  • High score views
  • Achievements

It’s the season finale of True Blood and for the fans who just can’t have enough of the excitement from their favorite show, these free True Blood apps for Android are additions that will absolutely make you a happy and satisfied fan!


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