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What You Must Know About Important Google Analytics Metrics

Google Analytics is one of the most essential tools that majority of online marketers depend on in getting valuable data from their campaign. As this tool is a product of Google, it became the bible of Internet marketing experts. But if you are not prepared to be swamped by overwhelming amount of data, you must first identify the most valuable Google Analytics metrics that can be of great use for you.

To make the most of your Google Analytics tool, here are the most important metrics that you should monitor.

Bounce Rate

To explain bounce rate shows the number of visitors who landed on a page of your site then headed off to another website. Bounce rate could be an indication that your website failed to present the information that they expected to find and failed to communicate a message to the web visitors.

To decrease the bounce rate of your website, you should perform proper optimization of your landing page so that it can present the content that web visitors are looking for and to include a clear and strong call to action button to make sure that a web visitor will respond to your message before deciding to leave your website. Creating internal links will also allow web visitors to check the deeper pages of the site.

google analytics metrics


Conversion is a Google Analytics metric that shows the number of web visitors that did not just view the website but responded to your call to action as well. Conversion reflects the number of people who signed-up, subscribed, clicked a banner, or used the contact form. It reveals important data that Internet marketing specialists should not overlook.

To be able to track conversions, goals must be set. A sales funnel can also be set up to get an overview of a web visitor’s activity before the conversion materialized so that you will determine what is working as well as what’s not working so you can devise another plan that can bring better results.

Traffic sources

With Google Analytics, you can determine the best traffic source for your website and find ways to increase it. Traffic source is a key indicator that determines the platform that helps you in connecting with the majority of your audience as it shows where your website visitors came from. This is another valuable Google Analytics metric as it helps you decide as to where your efforts should be concentrated to improve the results of your social media campaign.


This Google Analytics metrics is an indicator that reveals how well your website’s content is working as well as the pages that require improvement. Through this metric, you are able to identify your most popular pages, which can give an overview of topics that your target audiences are interested in. Along with that, an Internet marketer will also be allowed to view the average time spent on a page by web visitors as well as the page where they exit. Overall, this Google Analytics metric will show you the pages that drive engagement in your website as well as the point where you lose touch of audience attention.

Social Reports

Social reports show valuable data that pertains to the number of people that found your website through certain social media sites. It also presents your web visitors’ activity on social media accounts as well as how they were directed to them. This is one of the most dependable social media tools that can assess how effective your campaign is.

Percentage of New Visits

The percentage of new web visitors coming to your website can be seen as a positive thing, but not all the time – especially if new visits are already dominating percentages. New visits may indicate the number of people that show interests on what your website is offering but when statistics show that new visitors overpower the number of returning visitors consistently, this could mean that you are also losing brand loyalists. You should see to it that new visitors should have a high percentage upon the launch of your campaign but should even out after several months.

Landing and Exit Pages

These Google Analytics metrics can be found under site content in the content menu and indicate visitor interest. Landing page gives you data on the visits that your pages get including the activity of web visitors and the amount of time they spent on the page. An important indicator to check is how landing pages closely match with exit pages. This could mean that you have provided web visitors what they need but can also mean that you are not giving them valid reason to return.

Google Analytics offers some important metrics that can help optimize your website. Check the data that your Google Analytics presents and take a look at the metrics that can help you drive better results for your campaign.