hashtag warnings

Must-Know Warnings on Hashtag Use

Hashtags are widely used in various types of social media channels and if you are a content marketer, chances are high that you have already tried to incorporate the # symbol with your content.

Hashtags offer an effective way to start conversations and join discussions but did you know that there are certain limitations that must be observed regarding hashtag use? Hashtags can work to your advantage but you must know that it can also be the other way around!

To discuss this topic further, this article elaborates on some of the most important warnings on hastag use  that you must know.

warnings on hashtag use

Warning #1:

Hashtags are useful BUT they may also backfire.

When used correctly, hashtags can offer advantages but you also have to know that failing to give it enough thought can lead to brand disaster. Hashtags that are not well thought out can easily backfire. If you are trying to create a point of conversation don’t leave open ended ideas that may be used by your bashers to throw stones at you and glorify your competitors. Be precise and look at the possibility of how it will be used to make sure that it will only bring positive results to your business.

Warning #2:

Hashtags do not ALWAYS guarantee visibility.

One of the advantages in using hashtags is its capacity to narrow down general web search but this will only work if you will provide precise information. Precision makes it easier for people searching for a particular topic to find your post but if you will do it wrong, you  cannot be guaranteed of visibility and you may even create a wall between your post and the audience that you are trying to reach.

Warning #3:

Hashtags can make you look like a spammer.

It is very important to make sure that you will use a hashtag that is relevant to your content. Hashtags are often used for visibility but you also have to look into its relevance to avoid the risk of hitting the spam alert button! No matter how great a trending topic is, you cannot abuse its use in an attempt to get your post visible to a wide audience.

Hashtags can be very useful and can leverage your content marketing efforts. However if you will abuse its use and engage in wrong practices, you are only making your brand vulnerable to criticisms and failure.

warnings on hashtag use

Bonus Tips on Hashtag  Use:

Hashtags can be your best weapon to experience content marketing success but only if you will keep in mind the must-know warnings on hashtag use to be able to employ the correct strategies on your campaign.

As a final note, here are some of the important tips that you must know to be guided on the use of hashtags:

  • Limit use to two or three per post to avoid making it look distracting.
  • Make hashtage readable by using capital letter to start each word.
  • Use hashtag with your content for any topic that relates to your business.

Hashtags give you freedom and a different way to share your content across a wide variety of platform. But along with the advantages that it presents, you also have to take into consideration the pros and cons of using hashtags. It can be one of your most powerful social media tools but then again, it can mean failure and frustration when wrong strategies start to set in.