social media hacking

No-Nonsense Ways to Avoid Social Media Hacking

It was just recently when online users were shocked by hacks involving popular and widely used platforms such as iCloud and Gmail. This created a scare among online users especially those who use their social media accounts in keeping important and private files.

The iCloud hacking scandal left a lot of nude photos of celebrities available online and though Google already assured their followers that there is no reason for alarm regarding the supposedly Gmail hacking issue, it was still recommended to check security settings in order to keep Google accounts of subscribers secured and uncompromised.

Issues involving online security and privacy continue to leave social media account users with questions on privacy and account security. Social media hacking can cause serious trouble and bring up reasons for panic. Getting personal information and data divulged online without your consent can result in major problem but the good news is there are ways to stay free from the troubles that social media hacking can possibly bring.

social media hacking

Choose a secured platform.

There are already various types of social media platforms that are available for online users. There are free and paid social media platforms but for businesses, it is a must to invest on security when sending out important messages to avoid becoming a victim of social media hacking. It is essential to come up with a strategy that will allow you to be on top of social media marketing while paying for a social media tool that can provide the security features that you need to ensure that no hacker will be able to access your account and make unwarranted and unnecessary posts on your behalf. Paying for a social media management and marketing platform may cost you some amount but the rewards that it offers allow you to get the most of your money’s worth!

Know how to identify a malicious link.

In social media, it really makes a lot of sense to click with caution. If you plan to be active in the social media circle, you should know how to spot a malicious link. This way, you will be able to avoid the potential dangers of phishing and compromising your social media accounts. You have to be reminded that a malicious link can cause enormous trouble that can get all of your efforts wasted. It would be best to choose a third-party social media management platform that can provide a dashboard that will serve warnings regarding a malicious link. You should also be very wary of links on emails that may leave your account susceptible to online threats and hoaxes.

Create a hack-free password

This is one of the no-brainer tips that never fail to do the trick in keeping accounts secured. Don’t take for granted warnings that your password is too weak or is of simple or medium strength only because you are only compromising the security of your account. Make passwords that are really difficult to decode but easy for you to remember. It is also important to make sure that the passwords that you use for social media accounts will not be saved on shared computers and even on mobile devices. This is to prevent other people who will get their hands on your device from accessing your account.

Social media hacking can cause real scare that you may want to avoid using a social media account. But at this point when social media offers enormous benefits for personal or business purposes, staying away from these networks can also mean losing valuable benefits on your part. The best thing to do is to implement measures that can keep your account secured and protected to avoid the problems brought by social media hacking.