How Postific Can Help Your Business Survive Facebook Algorithm

Facebook updated its algorithms recently and this resulted in huge dropped in post reach to as low as 2%. This figure shows huge decrease from 14% in 2012. With Facebook’s algorithm, it is very clear that businesses should also embrace other social media marketing platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Absolutely, this is the time to put on your thinking caps and  get your creative skills working. This is also the perfect time to take advantage of social media tools like Postific in order to help your business survive Facebook algorithm.

Organic search on Facebook has shown huge decrease and this prompted brands to put more attention on how they can improve their marketing strategies so that more Facebook users will be able to see what they are posting. Now is the time to be more creative in social media marketing and with Postific, you can come up with ways to effectively withstand the untoward changes that Facebook algorithm may bring.

How Postific Can Help Your Business Survive Facebook Algorithm

#1. Create Accounts on Various Channels

Start by developing a strong profile on various social media networking channels alongside Facebook. This will allow you to take advantage of the fresh and less crowded channels where your post has greater chances of reaching your target audience. Facebook is usually overcrowded with photos, articles and videos so your post gets replaced in just a short span of time. Through Postific, you can share your content across various social media platforms, particularly the channels that your customers most prefer to engage in.

how postific can help your business survive facebook algorithm

#2. Post a Bookmark or a Status Post

Through Postific, you can share a bookmark or a status post on your chosen social media channels. Posting is easy. Just choose the type of post you want, create a description of your post, choose images, then send it to post on your connected accounts.

#3. Choose Engaging Images

Visual advertising is very powerful and you can use images to perk up your campaign on Postific. Postific doesn’t just allow you to embed a URL to your post, it also allows you to choose the right images that will make your content more engaging and memorable for your audience.

#4. Measure the Results of your Campaign

With Postific, you can monitor the progress of your campaign to see what kind of posts are effective as well as those that are declining in terms of reach. By tracking your posts, you will be able to identify the type of content that drives interaction, engagement, and even sales. Postific will help you see where people are going so you can take advantage of the best day and time to post your content based on a specified period of time (weekly, monthly). This will allow you to adjust your schedule to grab the perfect timing for posting and achieve the best results.

Facebook algorithm poses uncertainties to social media marketers but by integrating Postific as a part of your social media marketing strategies, you can still establish a strong social media presence by using other networking channels alongside Facebook and make posting of content more effective and eventually become the way for you to achieve the goals of your campaign.