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Postific’s Featured App: Bitly

Postific is the next big name in terms of social media management for small business.  It allows multiple account management on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Instagram and others. It makes social media marketing so much simpler especially with the help of dependable and innovative apps like Bitly.

Postific’s Featured App: Bitly

Bitly is one of the featured apps in Postific. It is still the leader when it comes to optimal sharing experience and it works across a variety of platforms. It continues to launch new products and offers more than just shortening the links that are being posted to social media accounts. photodune-4157860-content-xs Aside from making your content neat and clean, Bitly also offers the following features for FREE:

  • Real time-analytics
  • Bookmarking of your favorite sites and pages
  • Tracking of clicks

Still not convinced that you should use Bitly along with your Postific account? Discussed below are other important features that you can enjoy by making Postific’s featured app a part of your social media management system.

#1 Bitmarklet and Chrome Extension

Make sharing and saving easy by signing up for a bitly account. You can collect interesting links from across the web and then save, bundle and share bitmarks to your preferred social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and email, right from your browser using Bitmarklet and Chrome extension. By using Chrome extension, you can just click on the Bitly icon on your toolbar and instantly get a shortened link as well as a suggested headline.

#2 Bitmark List

With Bitly, you can access your bitmarks wherever you go. The links you save with a bitly account can also be found on your bitmark list. View them any time when you log into your account on the web or with your iPhone app.

#3 Bitly Bundles

Bitly allows curation of links around a theme or ideas with Bitly bundles. This makes it easier to organize and curate your bitmark according to your preferences. Using bitly, you can easily access bundled content like recipes, business ideas, DIY ideas, and other useful content. Bitly bundles absolutely offer endless possibilities for your links. Multiple curators can even be added to a bundle so they can include bitmarks as well.

#4 Quick Maps 

This feature especially works for event planners. Quick Maps is an efficient tool that will allow you to tell your followers where your office is located. By typing in an address on Bitly, a short link will be created to a MapQuest page of the address offering visitors directions, a 360 degree view, search nearby, or save it for later options.

#5 Stats Page

Get a stat page to see click counts for all bitmarks that you saved in the past 30 days. Aside from the number of clicks on your bitmark, you will also be able to view the total number of saves on bitly and the total number of clicks that the link has generated.

Pro Tips To Make Social Media Management with Bitly Easier:

  1. After you create a or short link just add a + to the end of it like “” to see the analytics for that link. It will also allow you to generate a QR code for that specific short link!
  2. Having a hard time meeting the 140 character limit on Twitter? Just click on Bitly labs to change your shortlinks from “” to “” so you can get extra two characters for your tweet.

Bitly is just one of the reasons why you should join Postific. It is one of the most dependable apps that make social media management simpler using Postific.

Sign up with us now to take advantage of  Postific’s featured apps that make social media management absolutely simple, effective and easy!