how to promote your blog

How To Promote Your Blog Through Conversations

Do you have a blog but fails to encourage your readers to engage in discussions or start one? Are you starting to worry of ‘silent blog syndrome’? You may already be desperate in finding solutions on how to promote your blog and get your audience interested and active enough to leave comments or feedback on the posts they read. This seems like hard work but if you will take time to read this article, you will learn effective techniques to spark conversations in your blog.

How To Promote Your Blog Effectively

For sure, you don’t want to waste the hours and hard work that you spent to create every post in your blog. Creating your blog is just the first step and you should also put the right amount of effort in devising strategies that will show you how to promote your blog – effectively.

Are you bothered by the fact that no one comments and no one sparks discussions in your blog – good or bad?

Failing to engage your audience is a problem that you should not overlook. Getting your readers  to leave their thoughts based on the information you shared is not an automatic reaction among your audience. It is a voluntary reaction and you should be able to get them to do it.

In this article, you will be able to identify some strategies that will enable you to promote your blog and find satisfaction on your content marketing strategies.

how to promote your blog

Evaluate Your Comment System

First, you have to check if you made it easy for people to leave a comment. This problem may not be identified right away and in order to come up with a good comment system, you need to check for flaws which include but not limited to:

  • Captcha code verification system that is not working
  • Commenters being required to log in to some system.
  • Not giving a clear option to leave a comment
  • Comment moderation system that is not regularly monitored

These are examples of problems that make commenting less inviting. You must evaluate your comment system and then fix any problem that you identified in order to get your audience attracted to the idea of commenting.

Create a Blog That Is Designed To Support Interaction

Most likely, a blog integrated into a poorly designed site will not attract readers to leave a comment. The design that your website uses is a factor that can invite readers to leave their thoughts about the info you shared but it can also be the reason for them to simply turn away without a response.

Another important consideration in terms of site design is the call to action button. To make commenting an instant reaction, it must possess a simple and uncomplicated design. Simple call to action buttons help in capturing crucial moments that affect the readers decision as to whether they will leave a comment or not.

Show Comments From Other Readers

It is natural for people to find it easier to engage in commenting when other people have already left their point of view about a certain topic.

Aside from giving new blog visitors a glimpse of what is already being discussed, showing comments from other people will encourage others to join and be in the middle of the conversation, and agree or disagree with the views or opinions shared by other readers of your blog.

how to promote your blog

Be Responsive and On Time

Not being able to respond on time is like not answering at all. Readers value prompt responses so if they will see that it takes some time for you to reply on the comments of other readers, they will find no reason to communicate with you at all.

Social media requires real-time responses to ensure that you will be able to take advantage of the topics that interest them at that particular time. Do not ignore interactions and for the best results, it is ideal to incorporate a social media management system to your blog to ensure that comments made now will be noticed and replied immediately. Being responsive and on time, will encourage an interesting discussion between you and your blog readers.


You can create a successful business blog especially if you will be able to open interaction with your readers. Start a conversation by posting relevant, informative, and engaging posts that will challenge the curiosity of readers and make them want to inquire further about the information you shared or at least share their views about what they read.

An active discussion is an effective strategy that will benefit your brand and will leave you with nothing to worry especially when it comes to how to promote your blog. Start the conversations now and keep them coming and for sure, you will get your place and recognition in the industry you’re in!