soultions to improve facebook reach

Simple and Effective Solutions To Improve Facebook Reach

Have you noticed a sudden decline in your Facebook reach? Does the fact that you are only reaching a small percentage of your followers worry you?

For the past months, a lot of businesses who are on Facebook suffered from a tremendous decrease on the organic reach of their Facebook pages. Limited reach on Facebook means that the content you post no matter how good it is may no longer be made available to your target audience. This can greatly affect the presence that your business used to enjoy on this popular social networking channel.

Frustrating isn’t it? However, before losing your hopes for a successful online business you should not disregard the fact that there are still Facebook pages that enjoy tremendous popularity in spite of the decrease in organic reach. This article discusses simple and effective solutions to maintain a strong presence among your Facebook fans.

Solutions to Improve Facebook Reach

Facebook became a popular platform for businesses because of the exposure that it gives. It became the link that connects businesses to a large number of audiences worldwide. For sure the sudden changes on Facebook’s system can mean tremendous loss for businesses. This has already created a buzz among Facebook page managers and the best thing to do is to find ways to improve Facebook reach to ensure that posts created will be able to show up on the news feeds of your Facebook users.

solutions to improve facebook reach

A decline in Facebook reach doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be losing contact with your target audience totally. At this point when your reach is affected, there are strategies that you can rely on:

Post Content on Different Times

Some say that it’s best to post content before working hours, or when most people have time to check their Facebook accounts. However, there are also suggestions that it is better to post when most people are busy because it increases the chance of your post to show up on the news feeds of your fans. Experiment with the best time to post content on Facebook to be able to determine what works best for your business.

Post Content from Relevant Sources

For sure, most Facebook page managers will prefer to post their own content all the time to improve the chance of reaching out and gaining visibility to their audience. However, you can also gain advantages by sharing other relevant posts. It is recommended to use @tags in your posts but you have to observe proper etiquette by not overdoing it.  By doing this, you will be able to improve your visibility not only among your followers but also among those who liked the pages you tagged.

solutions to improve facebook reach

Offer Variety through Your Posts

You can mix up a variety of posts on your news feed to offer more for your followers. You can create a mix of status updates, links, photos, videos, milestones, offers and more. This will allow you to present more options to your followers so they can find the type of content that interests them more. You can also try posting short and long posts in order to see what will work best for your Facebook followers.

Encourage Engagement

Keep in mind that you need to attract the curiosity of the people that you are targeting. You can also bank on the benefits that they can get by becoming a follower of your Facebook page. Tactics like creating a contest, asking questions or solving puzzles are some of the options that engage users and in turn improve your Facebook reach.

Final Thoughts:

A major decline on your Facebook reach can really affect your presence and popularity among social media users. A lot of businesses rely on Facebook when it comes to increasing their business visibility. With the current algorithm updates, a lot of businesses on Facebook will be affected and suffer losses. However if you will just take advantage of the most reliable social media tools and implement the best strategies, you will effectively manage your presence and still establish a strong connection with your Facebook fans.