social media affects customer behavior

How Social Media Affects Customer Behavior

Social media has greatly influenced changes in the activity of retailers and consumers. The popularity of various social media platforms made rise for new alternatives to allow brands to speak and connect with their target market. Social media affects customer behavior and it influences retailing trends. Absolutely, if you want to achieve greater brand power you need to focus on your social media marketing efforts.

Read on this article to help you understand the effects of social media on customer behavior.

Peer Influence

Social media has become a platform for peers to connect. Usually people on social media are easily influenced by endorsements made by their friends. It is easy to be influenced by the decisions made by people you know and nowadays, their purchasing behavior can be seen through the social channels that connect you.


As social media builds a connection between ordinary and well-known people, it has become a platform that offers insider views about what popular people wear, what they buy and the brands they trust. An ordinary person who got acquainted to a brand through a celebrity on social media will surely not miss the opportunity to try the product if given the chance. Celebrities are effective endorsers and through social media they easily become brand ambassadors of the products they use.

social media affects customer behavior

User Reviews

Retailers became more careful about offering quality products and living up to their promises because with one wrong move, their fault can be exposed to millions of social media users. What better way to know how a brand performs than by learning the feedback of people who actually used the product. Word-of-mouth works in social media and trustworthiness of a brand can be established depending on the feedback created for a particular product. As social media becomes a way for people to vent out their feelings, it will be easy to find reliable testimonies that tell of a product’s worth.


Have you noticed the rise in information sprawled all over the web? People gained greater access to information and products that are useful for them. Through social media, people became aware of products and business practices that can really offer amazing results. Products, tools and services that are properly promoted on social media can easily attract attention and it is possible that one-time interaction with a potential client can lead to regular business especially if you will be able to emphasize your product’s worth.

social media affects customer behavior

Brand Power  

How a brand is promoted in social media can greatly affect the behavior of consumers. As you improve the visibility of your brand, you are able to extend your reach even more and you are able to influence a greater number of people. Marketers invest on the power of a brand because familiarity plays a crucial role on consumer behavior. Brands invest on ads and makes fresh content available regularly to create a familiar mark in a particular industry. The availability of social media management and marketing platforms made it easier for businesses to promote their presence and connect with their target market.

To Conclude:

Social media has a great influence on how consumers behave. It is very crucial for marketers to ensure that their presence will be felt and connect with their target audience. There are varied elements that affect the success of brands and you can emphasize the worth and benefits of your product by making the most of the social media marketing channels that you are using.