what is social media marketing?

Social Media Marketing Strategies In Brief

In the United States, social media tops the list of online activities among Americans leaving Yahoo and Google behind. This is no longer surprising because at this point, aside from ordinary users a huge percentage of marketers are already into social media to promote their products or services.

Can you just imagine the chunk of opportunity that you could miss if you will not make use of the social media marketing tools that can help you get bigger?

Now is the time to take advantage of the people’s obsession with social media and there is no better way to do this other than by understanding the various types of social media marketing strategies and learning how to apply them to your business.

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ are some of the major social media networks that every company should have an active presence on.

To be able to come up with the right approach and be in control of your social channels, discussed below are the social media marketing strategies that you can use.

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Social Media Marketing Strategies In Brief

Social Media Marketing Strategy #1: Develop A Game Plan That You Will Stick To

Plan your content and compile it in an editorial calendar. Create a plan that separates social channels so you can include content that are scheduled to be posted on that particular week. Come up with a benchmark that will help you achieve your goals by setting up a number of posts that you need to hit. Adjustments should be made when necessary especially when there are timely topics that you need to cover. It will also help if you will look into the social media marketing practices of your competitors and determine the social media behavior of your target market.

Use a social media management platform like Postific so you can schedule posting of content ahead of time, monitor your progress, manage your feeds, and get an overview of your performance analytics.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #2: Treat Each Social Channel As An Individual Entity With Its Own Set Of Audience

Every social channel should be treated as a separate unit. From the variety of social media channels, identify the ones that are most appropriate for business, to socialize, to share pictures, or to interact with your followers. It will also be important to adjust strategies depending on the type of audience that each channel caters to.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #3: Establish Communication With Your Audience

Make sure that you will be able to respond if your audience replies at your post because if not, trust is lost. Lack of communication can be very damaging because potential leads can experience dissatisfaction from their connection with you. Make it a point to create a thoughtful response in a timely manner to establish your authority.

You also have to attend to the negative feedback that your business gets with respect and a lot of patience in order to ensure that your reputation is not tarnished.

As a rule on social media marketing, you cannot simply ignore the comment posted on your account whether it praises or criticizes your content.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #4: Embrace Mistakes

Mistakes happen especially in the fast-paced world of social media. When error occurs, you need to be proactive by responding in an actionable manner. Use your social media account to send out content that addresses how the error is handled. This will show how responsible you are in managing your account.

Social Media Marketing Strategy #5: Track Your Progress

Tracking can be tedious and time-consuming so it is ideal for you to use social media measurement tools like Postific. Review metrics on a monthly basis and check out important stats such as the number of posts, increase in followers, clicks, views, likes, shares, and others that affect your site. By looking at these statistics, you will be able to get an overview of your progress and even compare how you match up with your biggest competitors.

Social media tools can be used to boost your marketing efforts and Postific will allow you to make the most of your campaign without dealing with so much trouble.