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Social Media Tools for Marketing Boost

Having a hard time with social media management?

Want to boost the results of your social media marketing efforts?

Social media is a game changer and you need to incorporate it with your campaign.

Social Media Tools for Marketing Boost

If you are having a hard time fitting social media with your marketing plans, you need to check out some of the social media tools that will definitely allow you to make the most of your social media exposure.

Fresh Ideas

Tools for Content Development

One of the most tedious parts of social media marketing is content creation so once a new idea pops into your mind, you need to jot it down. Here are the tools that can help you do that.


Downcast is an app for Mac that is used to listen to Podcasts and allows automatic downloads when new ones are already available.


Evernote is a note taking application that you can use with your phone or personal computer so you can quickly jot down your ideas and capture information that may just allow you to curate the best content.


WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that allow blog post creation like it was done by a professional. This blog creation platform can help you produce well optimized content for Google and even offers marketing functionality.


Zite is a very dependable app that will allow you to grab hold of your content even while you’re on the go. It has a nice interface and good functionality that indicate the things that you’re interested in and Zite will do the rest for you.

Sales Or Marketing Directions On A Signpost

Tools for Campaign Promotion

One of the challenges of social media marketing is how effectively you can promote your campaign and there are social media marketing tools that can easily cover this requirement. Some of the tools that can step up your marketing campaign are as follows:


Aweber is a social media marketing tool that can help in the automation of newsletters that you send out through emails. Aweber can promote and deliver your newsletter on your most preferred date and time.

Agorapulse/ Shortstack

Creating awareness for your new campaign should not be difficult especially if you will use Agorapulse or Shortstack. These social media management tools can promote your social media presence using an affordable and easy to use interface.

Tools for Social Media Campaign Monitoring

If you are a social media marketing manager, you need to stay informed about how your campaign is doing. Here are some of the tools that will help you monitor your social media campaign:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most preferred options to monitor your campaign, check your traffic and see how it is growing. If you want to find out how well your blog post is doing, Google Analytics is the tool that can easily help you meet your requirements.


Kissmetrics is another social media campaign monitoring tool that allows you to check who was on your site and even see the activities that they did.


Great content easily gets the attention of social media followers. Tailwind is a tool that will allow you to see if any of your content got pinned on Pinterest , see its statistics and even discover who is interacting with your content.

Social Media Management Platform

With all the works involved on your marketing campaign, you will definitely want to have a social media management platform that allows you to accomplish your tasks as scheduled, without wasting money and time.

Postific uses a social media management system so you can easily stay at pace of your tasks to ensure that your campaign will flow smoothly and maximize the chance for your brand to rise above the competition.

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