Social Media’s Pet Sensations

A lot of people exert a lot of effort and time just to gain a very strong presence on social media. Business owners, celebrities and even ordinary people delight at the thought of having a huge number of followers. The emergence of social media management and marketing platforms also made it easier for companies and individuals to gain more followers and make their presence felt on the social networks that they use.

However, did you know that there are ‘special’ social media accounts that gain followers without really having to exert really hard? How did they do that? That’s because they are simply adorable!

This article showcases some of the most adorable pets that became sensational on social media. Being able to create viral content takes a lot of challenge, but these pets have their own formula! Take a peek of their social ‘petworking’ accounts to know more about them!

Sockington – King of Cats on Twitter

social media's pet sensations

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This cat undoubtedly deserves to be named as the king of cats in terms of social media impact. Being the pet of Jason Scott — an Internet archivist, it has been an easy path for Sockington to achieve a huge number of following on Twitter totaling to 1.48 million and still counting!

Boo – Social Media’s Top Dog

If a cat reigns on Twitter’s petworking channel, the canine community made sure that their species will reign on Facebook. Boo is the king of dogs on Facebook with more than 1.3 million Facebook fans. Who will not fall in love with Boo? He is a very adorable Pomeranian with a style defined by sunglasses or bear suits!

soical media's pet sensations

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Maru –YouTube’s Sensation

Another feline friend conquered the social media and this time, it’s Maru, the cat from Japan. YouTube made way for a lot of Internet sensations and this cat is one of them. Maru is a Scottish fold cat with extreme passion for cardboard boxes. He earned 108,000,000 upload views on the YouTube channel and this is undoubtedly a major feat for our feline friend. An achievement that normal individuals cannot achieve without sweating it out!

social emdia's pet sensations

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JFK Turtle – Turtles that Caused Traffic

If you think that turtles cannot really do so much, then you should think that over again. The JFK turtles showed that they may be slow but they can put a stop to airplanes and even cause traffic in that case! JFK airport runways in New York became an unusual sight because of this these turtles – undoubtedly, this group is powerful enough to cause traffic and even gain over 8,000 followers on Twitter!

social media's pet sensations

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Beast – Facebook Sweetheart

If you are the pet of Facebook’s creator, then becoming a Facebook sensation shouldn’t really be a tough climb. Beast is Mark Zuckerberg’s pet dog. Aside from being an adorable breed of Hungarian sheepdog, being associated with his owner adds up to the popularity of Beast. There are hundreds of thousands of Facebook users who delight at the sight of this dog around Facebook offices. It really pays well to be a part of the ‘in’ crowd.

social media's pet sensations

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Eat your heart out folks because these pets truly conquered the social media limelight effortlessly! Becoming a social media sensation seems like a hard job but these animals know better. It truly makes a difference if you can connect with all types of audience and showcase your unique abilities. Your exposure on social media will definitely help achieve your goals!


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