'nofollow' links

Exposing the Real Value of ‘NoFollow’ Links

In the world of online marketing professionals, so much focus is given on acquiring followed links in order to pass on some ‘juice’ from one website to another. Earning followed links for a client’s website has become a common practice in this industry. But even if it can bring benefits, this should not give anyone a reason to disregard the importance of also acquiring ‘nofollow’ links.

Certainly, acquiring ‘nofollow’ links for a client is not a waste of time and effort. Just like the much coveted ‘follow’ links that marketers usually work for, ‘nofollow’ links also offer powerful features that should bring remarkable improvements on how a website is recognized.

To enlighten you further, discussed in this post are the top 3 reasons why ‘nofollow’ links are valuable.
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