formula of a great content

Secret Formula of a Great Content Revealed

Writing a content that delivers results for your business remains to be a challenge. Being able to produce content in huge quantity is still not good enough if you will fail to come up with content that helps you meet the objectives of your business and improve the results of lead generation.

What is the secret formula of a great content? This is a question that leaves a lot of people in the world of content marketing wanting for more. Content is an essential part of a marketing campaign and whether you think that you are the best writer there is, you really can’t ignore the tactics that improve your content strategy, deliver better results, and elevate the status of your business.
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social media affects customer behavior

How Social Media Affects Customer Behavior

Social media has greatly influenced changes in the activity of retailers and consumers. The popularity of various social media platforms made rise for new alternatives to allow brands to speak and connect with their target market. Social media affects customer behavior and it influences retailing trends. Absolutely, if you want to achieve greater brand power you need to focus on your social media marketing efforts.

Read on this article to help you understand the effects of social media on customer behavior.
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twitter analytics tool

What Politicians Have To Say On Twitter

It’s the age of social media and even politicians found it really important to learn the ropes of posting and tweeting to become more visible to their communities and followers.

Twitter is one of the most used social platforms and it has also made way for some of the most remarkable tweets and hashtags from politicians on Twitter.

Here’s a compilation that will allow you to take a look at some of the greatest tweets in politics that took over Twitter.
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blogging images

Why Use Blogging Images For Your Posts

Being able to stand out and excel above the rest is a common challenge that people face, and this is true even when it comes to blogging. Blogging can be very promising as it can open up opportunities for earning but first, you need to find ways to turn ordinary visitors into regular readers of your blog. How to do this? You can make use of blogging images that can make your posts truly interesting and engaging.
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Customer Service Satisfaction Concept

How Social Media Marketing Improves Customer Service

Social media has changed the way marketers reach out to clients. It made an enormous impact on how business is done and has made it easier for marketers to know the products or services that a particular client base is looking for. Social media truly transformed the way businesses engage with their customers like never before and this has become a point of discussion countless times. This time, you will know how social media marketing improves customer service making it a really invaluable tool for any business today. Read more

online video marketing tools

Postific’s Featured App: Bitly

Postific is the next big name in terms of social media management for small business.  It allows multiple account management on various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, Instagram and others. It makes social media marketing so much simpler especially with the help of dependable and innovative apps like Bitly. Read more

Social Media Errors

Identifying The Most Common Social Media Marketing Errors

If you think your business is not making the most from social media, you better check your practices now before destroying your reputation and ruining your chance for a successful stint online.

When it comes to social media, there are no rules that will tell what is right or wrong, but there is one thing that you have to keep in mind:

Do social media marketing badly and say goodbye to the chance to build your reputation online.

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