pinterest marketing practices

The Best Pinterest Marketing Practices

What’s most wonderful about social media is its ability to build communities. If you have a brand to promote, you only need to follow the correct practices that will help you make the most of your online space.

More and more social media users have turned to photo sharing sites. Pinterest is one of the most popular photo-sharing channels where people spend their time to learn new ideas, share thoughts or simply enjoy images posted by other users. But how can you maximize your presence on Pinterest if you have a business? This question will be answered in this article.

Pinterest may be a popular social sharing channel for personal use and businesses may be challenged to promote their brand using this network and establish huge follower involvement. It may not look as easy as Facebook or Twitter marketing, but there are tips that can show you how you can establish an active and engaged community in Pinterest.


Basic Pinterest Marketing Practices

Create Shared Boards

Pinterest offers features that are perfect for businesses. Group boards are perfect for brand marketing as it allows interaction with other Pinterest users. Group boards act as shared locations where members can pin their images. Likewise, they can give ownership for a brand and also act as a source for spreading interesting content. To make shared boards contribute to your success, provide a clear description and use hashtags to guide other users on the type of content that they should post.

pinterest marketing practices

Engage with Your Audience

Engage with your audience by building a community and this applies whether you are on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. Social media is about engagement and the Facebook and Twitter marketing basics that you follow can guide you in establishing your brand on Pinterest. Follow other users, repin images, engage in discussions when possible – these are the unwritten rules that every social media marketer must know.

Know Your Audience’s Interest

You need to satisfy your audience in order to make them your regular followers. It helps to use a social media management and marketing platform to measure and stay updated with your campaign. Make sure that you will be able to connect with their interests by offering the kind of content they want. By knowing what interests your audience, you can create the impression that you are sensitive to the requirements of your audience. This will make your brand more interactive and give reasons for audiences to visit your board even more.

pinterest marketing practices

Know What’s Trending

It is very important to know what’s trending in your industry in order to know the topics that will surely captivate their interests. Choose images according to what’s hot within your circle and for sure, you’ll get repins and shares giving maximum exposure for your brand.

Make Your Pins Searchable

To make your pins visible to your target audiences, you have to make them searchable. In order to do this, you have to create a description that contains the keywords associated with your pin. This will also give your brand some advantages because most of the time, pins are being shared without changing the description that comes with it. If people share your content more, you will also be able to get your brand visible across other Pinterest users.

Pinterest marketing may seem like a challenge to brand marketers but there are effective tactics that can be used to make a brand known. With the above mentioned guidelines put into practice, you surely won’t have a problem maximizing your presence online.