social media for businesses

The Importance of Social Media for Your Business

The social media is a game changer and the benefits that it can bring will most likely depend on how you plan a strategic approach. Now it is even easier to manage social media accounts through a variety of platforms that will allow you to execute your social media marketing plan as scheduled so you can reap the best benefits from your business.

The social media continues to bring enormous impact on how businesses succeed. It is a common knowledge that it is through the social media that marketers are able to communicate with their target audience on a personal level, regularly.

The importance of social media for your business is unquestionable and if you are not yet convince about its importance, listed below are the benefits that social media can bring to your business:

Increase Brand Awareness

Through various social media channels, it has become a lot easier for businesses to communicate their products and services to potential customers. Familiarity is one of the key factors why your product will become the top choice of consumers when in search of certain products.

Understand How Customers Think

Social media is also valuable in developing a product framework that suits the discriminating taste of consumers. The social media has become the voice for customers to express what they want from a product as well as the practices that turn them off.  Social media channels have been very effective in exposing customer reviews and sharing valuable information.


Social Media Campaign Monitoring

Incorporation of social media with your marketing practices makes it easier for your campaign to be monitored especially after it has been up for a certain period of time. Through various social media channels, you are informed about the number of views that your video gathered, the number of likes of your post, the number of shares your post got, and the comments made by real people expressing their opinion on what you have posted.

Establish Better Relationships with Customers

Real-time updates have made it possible for interaction between businesses and their target clients to be established. Through social media, company-customer relationships became more intimate because of the personalized assistance being offered to clients. A good relationship is established by being able to respond to client needs and queries at the right time.

Social Media can change the way you do business…guaranteed!

If you are still not convinced about the impact of social media on your business, here are some statistics that will show you how powerful the social media is.

  • Businesses that incorporated social media to their marketing approaches have 1.5 to 2 times greater chance to expect revenue growth than others.

  • In the United States, people spend 37 minutes each day on social media making it the top Internet activity. In fact people are more active in it than email.

  • Facebook, remains to be the leading social media network and it continues to grow. It has now an estimate of 1.26 billion users, 1.23 billion are active monthly, and 128 million Facebook users are active daily.

  • Social media networks have active user-base than others. According to statistics, 95% of Facebook users log into their account every day, 60% for Twitter, and 30% for LinkedIn

The impact of social media on your business is unquestionable but one has to devise a strategy to be able to make the most of its benefits.

Some of the most common problems encountered in social media marketing is lack of time, inability to measure value, difficulty in integrating social media with other business activities, and lack of budget. These problems can be detrimental to your marketing efforts but there are already available solutions to deal with this.

Social media management for small business can be incorporated on your marketing efforts. With the variety of social media channels that are available for businesses, it is important to plan accordingly and utilize them in a way that will generate sales or increase your business visibility.

There is so much to lose if you will disregard social media especially now that there are already ways for you to overcome the hurdles that create a distance between your business and your most anticipated success.