most powerful linkedin features

The Most Powerful LinkedIn Features that Impact Personal Branding

Are you looking for ways to create a commanding personal brand online?

LinkedIn came up with upgrade on its features to ensure that your profile will be available and noticed on the right places.

Maintaining a strong reputation online depends on how well you manage your personal brand. To present more opportunities in creating a remarkable presence, the most powerful LinkedIn features have been created to help online users in making their profiles stand out.

Check out the list of LinkedIn features that can bring tremendous improvements on your personal branding.

Publishing Platform

Through this powerful LinkedIn Feature, you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to make your content visible to a greater number of users. LinkedIn has already given ordinary members the privilege to create and post not just status updates but long-form content as well.

How it Works:

  • Click ‘Edit’ icon in the ‘Share an Update’ box on your homepage
  • Find ‘Create a Post’
  • Follow the guide provided by LinkedIn to make your post visible on your profile

By using LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform organic distribution of high-quality and relevant posts can be done through user feedback including views, comments, likes and shares. LinkedIn can even help you find the right audience for your content through the algorithm used by LinkedIn Pulse.

Custom Background

A custom background goes well with your profile’s header, allowing you to present the essence of your brand clearly. Creating a custom background for your profile can be done with the help of a designer but it can also be a do-it-yourself task especially if you have a high-quality image.

How it Works:

  • Find ‘Profile’ at the top of the homepage then move your cursor there.
  • Choose ‘Edit Profile’
  • Click on “Edit Background’
  • Choose an image or upload your background photo
  • Click ‘Save’

Currently, ‘Custom Background’ is one of the most powerful LinkedIn features that can be accessed by signing up for a premium account.

most powerful linkedin features

Who Viewed Your Profile

This is one of the most useful features of LinkedIn that will allow you to get a good assessment of the people who are viewing your online profile. The demographic data that it presents will be useful to know the keywords used by searchers to find you. It can also show where your viewers came from, how they found you, and even a little bit of information about them including their profession and the industry where they come from.

The people who viewed your profile can evaluate how effective you are in communicating. This powerful LinkedIn feature can provide a subset of the profiles of people who viewed you and if you will use a Premium account, you can even have a complete list of all the people who checked your profile. Amazing isn’t it?

Profile Rank

For sure, you will be very interested to know how well your profile ranks among people you connect with. Profile rank is based on the number of views that your profile acquired. Through the data it provides you will know your rank among 1st level connections, fellow professionals and even from people in your company.

This will allow you to know who among your connections are generating interest on your brand and even presents an opportunity to reach out to people within your network. It can be integrated with your personal branding plans because it effectively works like a social media management and marketing platform that allows you to measure the performance of your blog posts, status updates and interactions with chosen groups.

Connected App

This personal branding feature is a LinkedIn app for iPhone users. It can help decrease the amount of work used for networking. It offers an way  for contacts to stay in touch especially on important occasions such as birthdays, news appearances, promotions, new ventures and the likes. According to LinkedIn, this app allows users to get more profile views and endorsements as compared with members who don’t use the app.

To Conclude:

There are powerful LinkedIn features that you must use in order to bring improvements on your personal brand. The above mentioned features offer benefits that can give your brand the recognition it needs online. Watch out for future updates to ensure that you will be able to make the most of your LinkedIn profile.