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Top 10 Biggest Earners on YouTube

YouTube is one of the social channels that enjoy a great number of following and usually, it becomes the go-to resource of people looking for DIY instructions, movie and music downloads, tutorials, and even videos that went viral on social media.

Undoubtedly YouTube is a very popular channel among people from all walks of life. Whether you are a student or a professional, you will find a lot of useful resources on this networking site.

However aside from those facts, did you know that YouTube has also become the venue for instant millionaires? The popularity of this networking site has also been used for a lot of people to become instant ‘celebrities’ in their own right.

How People Earn on You Tube

Did you ever wonder how people earn from YouTube? Well here’s how it works:

People with YouTube accounts that have enough followers can apply for membership of their Partner Program.

Once you become a member, you will be entitled to get a cut off the CPM earned from the videos in their channel. It can vary a bit but on average, a member of the partner program earns $5-7 CPM for every one thousand advertisement shown on their channel.

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Earning $$$ on YouTube

For aspiring millionaires, you can be a step closer to your goal by creating an account on YouTube and uploading an interesting video that can get viral and earn the most number of attention and clicks. There is big money on YouTube and your dollars can grow without you having to spend a lot of hours in the office!

Becoming a millionaire can now happen right at the comfort of your own home. Just take a look at the value associated with the biggest earners on YouTube and how they grossed really high by simply maintaining their YouTube accounts!

Top 10 YouTube Celebrities

#1: Pewdiepie – 5.4b views equivalent to $7 million

#2: BlueXephos – 2.4b views equivalent to $6.7 million

#3: Smosh – 3.4b views equivalent to $5.7 million

#4: DisneyCollectorBR – 2.6b views equivalent to $5 million

#5: BluCollection – 1.78b views equivalent to $4.8 million

#6: JennaMarbles – 1.5b views equivalent to $4.3 million

#7: TobyGames – 1.7b views equivalent to $4.2 million

#8: RayWilliamJohnson – 2.7b views equivalent to $4 million

#9: UberHaxorNova – 1.3b views equivalent to $3.5 million

#10: RealAnnoyingOrange – 2.1b viewsto $3.4 million

Get your camera ready and prepare to grab the chance to become a millionaire! Your YouTube account can grow dollars especially if you will come up with an interesting video and then promote it using a social media management and marketing platform to attract greater attention! Take it from the experts who enjoy not just attention but also a growing savings account!