Social Media Errors

Top 10 Errors that Hurt Your Brand on Social Media

Nowadays, people who do business online find reasons to work really hard and spend a considerable amount of time to claim their place in social media. Establishing a presence on various social networking channels can really elevate your brand and make it a familiar sight among social media users. It used to mean hard work but thanks to a social media management and marketing platform, establishing your presence across a variety of networks is so much easier.

However, that’s not all there is to know to achieve great recognition in your industry. The foundation of an effective social media strategy will be useful in implementing your plan correctly. It will also be important to assess if you are actually using your efforts correctly and not engaging in strategies that actually hurt your brand on social media.

Have you done a self-check to know if your efforts are working to bring you favor? Are you smart enough to know how your strategies affect your social media presence?

Before you take another step to get your brand visible across social media channels, here are some of the errors that you must know to avoid wasting your time and effort on wrong social media marketing strategies.

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Errors that Hurt Your Brand

  1. Promoting your brand without checking if Google is showing your brand correctly
  2. Using inappropriate/unprofessional profile photo on your social media accounts
  3. Not following public figures, influencers or people who are relevant to a career of interest
  4. Posting regular but irrelevant status updates on social media accounts
  5. Using undesirable language when posting content
  6. Cutting words inappropriately to follow the 140 character limit
  7. Using inappropriate images with your status updates
  8. Not acting promptly on negative remarks about your business
  9. Posting content that is a duplicate of what others have posted
  10. Posting contradicting comments on a particular issue

There are important factors that must be checked to ensure that you are using up your effort and time on strategies that will improve your brand’s status on social media and not the other way around.

Social media is not about reaching out and making your voice heard. You have to focus on building a brand that assist your target audience in dealing with their needs while at the same time establishing a credible reputation that will make you earn a substantial amount of following.

Does your social media campaign serve you right? Do you often feel that your efforts and time spent on marketing your brand is not helping you achieve your goals?

It’s time to do a self-check to ensure that the efforts you take are not the reasons why your brand is suffering on social media!