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Top 3 Features of Google Webmaster Tools

If you are into digital marketing, there are tools that you cannot afford to simply disregard. The importance of having an aggressive website is unquestionable and as the competition tightens, online marketers have so much to be thankful for useful applications including the most dependable social media tools and the Google Webmaster tools.

This article focuses on the features of Google Webmaster tools that are optimized for the major search engine, Google. It has become a very indispensable tool for webmasters as it allows them to understand and improve a website on Google search.

By using the Google Webmaster tools, you can perform a range of functions including keyword optimization, access to relevant and valuable SEO metrics and data, insights on how your website is crawled, and get an overview of your link building campaign.

google webmaster tools

Certainly, the Google Webmaster tools are must-use for any online marketer who wants to make a website competitive and visible on the major search engine. It is a tool that can strengthen a campaign by refining the performance of your website through the features that it offers.

Want to learn more about the most useful features of Google Webmaster tool? Read on the discussion below to know how you can use Google Webmaster tools to improve the results of your online marketing campaign.

Top Features of Google Webmaster Tools To Use

Search Queries:

Google Webmaster tool can help in the optimization of your web pages so you can drive more traffic while using key terms that are significant to your campaign. The Search Queries of Google Webmaster tool is composed of different metrics which include the following:

  • Impressions: This feature provides an insight of the number of views that your website received using a specific keyword search. It also allows you to identify the web page on your site that gets the most number of web visits.
  • Query: This feature reveals the keywords or search term that improves the ranking of your website on search results. Keywords identified using this metric can help in optimizing your content and pages using the keyword that can greatly improve your visibility on the SERP.
  • Click through rates: This metric pertains to the number of clicks made on your web content. Low number of clicks means that there are important improvements that you should make on the web pages of your site which include optimization of your web pages’ meta data, use of content that is relevant to search queries and use of call to actions across the pages of your website.

google webmaster tools

Search Keywords:

The right choice of keywords has always been a vital component of successful SEO campaigns. Google Webmaster tool offers a comprehensive list of keyword resources which also comes with important data such as the click through rate, number of clicks and the keyword’s average search position. This is a very useful feature especially if you want to monitor organic traffic to your site and use information gathered to improve how you rank for a certain keyword in Google.

To be able to make the most of this feature keywords with a high search rank but with a lower number of competitions should be given top priority. The chosen keywords can be used for the optimization of your website. But of course, you have to stick with ethical practices in using keywords by keeping the density within the acceptable range of 1-5% to avoid getting marked as spammer.

The Google Webmaster Tool also allows marketers to use a reverse method by using keywords that are already used on your web pages to rank higher on Google. The process involves addition of your target keywords on the Rank Tracking Tool so that you will be able to gather data about the traffic that your keyword is getting as well as its competition. This will also allow you to optimize web pages based on high-performing search terms.

Google Authorship:

Google authorship is a useful feature especially if you want to gain higher traffic for your website and gain recognition from the major search engine. This feature can be integrated with content marketing as it gives a face to the author of content published under your website. Google Authorship requires an optimized profile and an image to establish trustworthiness. It can be connected with your Google+ account to simplify the tracking of your posts’ statistics.

As digital marketing continues to evolve, it’s good to know that there are useful tools that are available to enhance your website’s digital presence, help achieve goals and ensure that strategies in place will deliver the results that you want . The competition among online businesses can get really tough but with the availability of social media tools and online marketing tools, improving your visibility and extended reach remains to be a huge possibility.

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