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Twitter Analytics Tool: Stats Dashboard Now Available for Everyone

If you are a Twitter user, you must really be interested to know if your 140 character posts are doing much for your social media campaign. In response to the need of their users, the microblogging service finally made the Twitter analytics tool available for everyone through its stats dashboard.

The Twitter analytics tool has been launched in July and was originally made available for advertisers. It was only recently when other users were given access to the tool. Now that the stats dashboard can already be viewed, users can already gain access to information so that they will know the impact of their posts and assess their popularity in the social media networking channel.

twitter analytics tool

How Twitter Analytics Work?

As compared with the previous setup that Twitter uses, the analytics tool will not only allow users to measure how their tweets are performing based on the number of retweets, favourites and replies that a particular post acquired.

The new Twitter analytics tool offers important benefits that can be very valuable for advertisers and ordinary users alike. It can offer valuable ideas for brands on Twitter to improve.

To enlighten you furthermore, here are some of the points that will show you how the Twitter analytics tool works:

  • Users to get an overview of how engaging their tweets are for their followers in terms of views and popularity.
  • A breakdown of followers can be provided detailing where they’re from, their shared interests, gender, and other important demographics.
  • An overview of how many times a tweet was seen by other Twitter users as well as the number of times the post has been retweeted and marked as favorite.
  • Statistics showing the number of times a profile has been clicked as well as when and how it can be engaging can also be seen through this tool.
  • Graphs and lists data showing the top 10 accounts followed by your followers

Twitter users must have an active account for two weeks to be able to access the Twitter Analytics tool at with the username and password used for the account.

twitter analytics tool

To Conclude:

The Twitter Analytics tool can be very useful for anyone promoting their business or those who greatly depend on the social media management and marketing platform to engage more followers and to boost the popularity of their websites. It offers some of the most useful statistics that will allow you to compare your activity on Twitter each month so you can see how your tweets perform.