Twitter Marketing – Basic Rules That You Should Know

Twitter has transformed from a typical social media channel to a platform that is used on mass media and content distribution network. With its reach extending to millions of people, marketers have also turned to Twitter to promote their brand and connect with their targeted audiences.

Twitter has already evolved. From being a platform that was focused on fun and enjoyment, it has become more public and even introduced self-service advertising. Now it has gone more visual with its photo tagging feature to stay at par with the most popular social media channels including Facebook.

In this article, you will know the Twitter marketing basic rules that can help make your campaign a huge success.

Twitter marketing can become your most powerful tool especially if you will be able to master the basic rules that can increase brand awareness, leads, and sales.

Twitter Marketing Basic Rules:


Post Tweets that create an impact

Tweeting should be done with your audience in mind. When creating a tweet make use of exciting and useful content that is delivered in a tone that resonates to build an emotional connection with your audience. Links, images and videos can be posted along with your message for greater impact. It is recommended to use social media management services like Postific so you can post your tweet according to your desired scheduled even when you are burdened with other important tasks

Use short and sweet Tweets

Keep in mind that Tweets are limited to 140 characters so you need to keep it short but make sure that your message is delivered well. Based on a report, Tweets that are less than 100 characters enjoy engagement rate that is higher by 17%.

Tweet frequently

As a basic rule, Tweets should be made at least 3 times a day. Keep in mind that the frequency of your tweets depends on different factors including your audience, your purpose, and your business goals. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustments while assessing how your tweet affects your audience.

Let Your Profile Speak

Your profile on Twitter should never be underestimated. People will only spend a few seconds when checking your profile. Use a short username. It is very important to make sure that they will be able to know your brand at a glance. Let your profile speak and make important messages obvious to easily connect with your audience.

Incorporate pictures and hash tags to your tweets

Twitter marketing will bring more favorable results if you will make your tweets visual. According to a study, tweets with photos get 89% more favourites, 18% more clicks, and 150% more retweets.

On the other hand, use of hash tags is now a popular habit on various social networks including Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. Hash tags are very effective in finding tweets that are categorized according to their topics.

Automate Your Tweets

Automation brings advantages to your business. By automating your tweets, you will be able to post frequently, monitor your tweets, see how it performs, as well as the replies received. Postific is a free social media management software that can be used for Twitter marketing especially for small to medium businesses. One important reminder though is to make sure that while content distribution is automated, you should make conversations natural and real.

AT sign

Reply to @ messages

Message with @ attached to your username means that another user is referring to you or trying to build a direct connection with you. Exhibit engagement and take advantage of exposure by responding to @ messages. This will allow you to create significant conversations on Twitter.

Follow others

Follow other people the way other Twitter users do. Choose people that are relevant to your brand or interests and if possible, follow more than 10 people. You should also keep in mind that you are not obliged to follow back the people who followed you.

Twitter marketing can be a fun and engaging way to establish your brand online and results are guaranteed to be effective especially if you will follow these basic rules.

A free social media management software can make Twitter marketing simpler and more effective. Join Postific now to build your brand on Twitter and connect with your followers, the easy and efficient way!

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