what viral photos are made of

What Viral Photos Are Made Of

Nowadays, one of the most cost-effective ways to promote a product, service, or brand is by claiming a strong presence on the social media – and to be able to do this, you have to create a hype using your content and images. The question now is how to do it?

A viral image offers ways to promote your business in a fast and cost-efficient way and can create a remarkable impression to a huge audience within a short period of time especially when viewed and shared by a large audience across different channels within a short period of time.

There are elements needed to create viral photos and to give you some ideas, this article enumerates some of the key factors detailing what viral photos are made of so you can make the images on your site earn great attention across the social media.

What Viral Photos Are Made Of?

Here are some important elements that you must know to be able to unlock the secrets to viral photos:


This is a basic element that has been used over and over in creating content that works and shared across the social media. Pack it with the good stuff not with fluff to make sure that your audience will find your image remarkable and is worth passing on to other viewers.

Avoid padding content but make it compelling. It is absolutely possible to get your brand out without making it sound fluffy. Just ensure that your image adheres with your message and your brand to be able to incorporate a message that will help in building your image and establish a good reputation on the social media.


what viral photos  are  made of

Timing is a very crucial factor that can make your image viral. When there is a hot topic circulating around the social media, you can jump in on the trend by posting images that are related to it in some ways. Stay on the lookout for what’s trending, look for images that can be associated with it, then post while the topic is hot to ensure that you will get the right amount of attention that you need.


You need to make your audience feel your message. You need to build a connection with your audience and you can do this by making them laugh, cry, or be caught in surprise by simply taking a look at your image. Your photo can be very powerful and remarkable to be worthy of sharing if your audience knows that they will be able to create the same reaction among the people that they will share it with.


When creating images, make sure that they are meaningful, relevant, and tailored to your audience. Choose photos that your audience will appreciate and easily relate to and for sure, your images will be loved and shared across social media.


what viral photos are made of

Photos can deliver a strong message. Keep in mind that people love the idea of being the bearer of good news so by keeping the theme of your image positive and inspirational, there is a great chance that your photo will be liked, shared, and create a remarkable impact on social media.


Don’t make it difficult for clients to share, like, or comment on a photo. You can bring potential clients to your website and social media accounts by driving them. Make sure that your image will be posted along with the buttons that can make your image a shareable and remarkable masterpiece across the social media channels. Take advantage of the features that social media channels like Twitter’s photo tagging feature so you can increase the chances of your to image to be liked and go viral.

Monitor and Keep Track Of Your Images

The image you post can create a response among your target audience and you have to be aware of any social mention that pertains to it. You can use social media measurement tools like Postific that will allow you to keep track of the image you posted on various sites and be notified for any comment, like, or shares. This opens up a way for a stronger relationship with potential clients to be built and to ensure that any feedback or query will be attended to promptly.

To Conclude:

Viral photos can really create enormous improvements on your social media marketing campaign especially if you will be able to combine the most important elements that will help make your images go viral and affect your target clients. Make the most of photo sharing sites like Pinterest, Flickr, and Instagram with the help of the guidelines mentioned in this article.