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What to Expect from the New Facebook Atlas

Facebook announced the relaunch of Atlas, an ad serving and measurement platform that can impact the strategies of marketing specialists and advertising executives through its built-in targeting and measurement capabilities.

The New Facebook Atlas: An Overview

Facebook Atlas is focused on people-based marketing that is aimed at building connections with real people across devices and platforms. It can overcome problems with cross-device advertising by targeting, serving and measuring across devices.

Another advantage that marketers need to check out is the capacity of Facebook Atlas to connect online marketing campaigns to tangible offline sales, giving marketers a concrete view of how they are able to establish reach and acquire new sales.

The new Facebook Atlas has been rebuilt using a completely new code base and a user interface that is designed to meet the needs of the most hard-working media planners and marketers. It offers strong hopes for better optimization while making the most of the advertising budget.

Facebook Atlas Features:

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Enhanced Online Ad Measurement

People-based marketing is the focus of the new Facebook Atlas which also suggests that marketers will be able to measure the effects of ads that were presented to a particular set of users. It overcomes problems with inaccurate data provided by cookies in order to get a complete picture of the ads seen by consumers.

  • Users interactions with ads, whether they appear on Facebook or 3rd party sites will be linked to their Facebook accounts.
  • Ads that users view, interact with and act on will provide data back to their Facebook profiles.

Realistic Mobile Measurement

Facebook Atlas overcomes problems with ad measurement on mobile devices. Marketers usually face difficulties on ad measurement on mobile devices as cookies don’t perform optimally on smartphones and tablets. As Facebook Atlas ties ad data to user profiles, ad measurement problems can be fixed as it enables tracking over a wide range of devices and can give a better chance for Facebook Marketing success.

Track Relationship of Online Ads to Offline sales

Facebook Atlas tracks people instead of cookies making it easier for marketers to track the relationship between online advertising and the results of their sales offline and be informed of the marketing messages that influenced customer behavior. It can present valuable information such as when and where the ad was spotted.

Leads to Sales Conversion

In Summary

Initially, Facebook Atlas is focused on mobile advertising but it can also be an essential tool to track any form of online ad virtually. To date, this is one of the most essential social media tools that can be a game changer for online advertising especially with its measurement element that allows tracking of any digital ads.

The Facebook Atlas currently supports mobile, in-app and desktop, as well as email, search, social and video, and all other ad formats. Currently, it is mainly presented as an ad serving and tracking tool but in the long run, Facebook is set to use the same technology to assist marketers in buying ad space and help them target ads on 3rd party sites.