Measure, Analyze and Extra the best results from your social posts

Get detailed click-through statistics for your posts

Facebook Insights Reports

With Postific you can generate unlimited of Insights Reports based on different date ranges.

Postific gets the raw data from Facebook, analyze it and present it on the screen in a very well summarized charts and graphs helping you to see the growth of your business on the social networks.

Postific extracts also information about the main traffic sources, demographic aggregation and detailed statistics per for each facebook post.

Import all Engaged people into your Leads CRM

Postific gives you the option to automatically extract all the people engaged with your posts and save them into your own Leads CRM.

Postific gets all the information for the leads including Names, Phone numbers, location etc ... which information can be used to reach and convert that lead into real customer as you already know that he is engaged with your business.

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Automatically determine the best time for posting

As we wanted to make Postific really smart system saving you a lot of time, we created one more feature integrated in the insights reports which is called "People's Activities".

This feature helps you to determine which is the best time for you to post your content so you can reach the highest number of your fans.

Generate Real-time Competitve Analysis

Business owners wants to know how their competitors are moving every single day or week. But in order to compare more than 2 different business with yours at the same time is time consuming and almost impossible to be 100% accurate.

Postific does exactly this. You have the ability to compare up to 5 different Facebook fan pages and get a very detailed competitive analysis showing you what exactly your competitors are doing and how to improve your own fan page and increase your engagement.

Analyze the results in real-time

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