Post content to over 10 social networks with one single click of a button

Post to multiple social networks with one single click.

Post to multiple accounts

With Postific you can connect all your social accounts only once and then post to all of them your content with a single click of a button.

Organize your social accounts into groups

Together with that you can create your groups containing specific social accounts and instead of manually selecting all your accounts every time you make a post, you just select your group of accounts.

Auto load the URLs you are posting

When you are posting a link to your social networks Postific gets the content of the Link, its image and all the information necessary to make a perfectly looking post.

Customize posts in the way you want

Together with the auto loading of URLs Postific has full set of options to customize the title or description of your post and together with that to upload custom image for it. Postific take care of all the other optimization necessary to post your content in the right way to all different social networks.

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Tag your posts with the right keywords

One of the biggest advantages of Postific is that you can optimize your posts automatically for all social networks when you just define the tags related to the post you are posting. Tags are very helpful for optimizing your content so it can be found easily.

Schedule your posts

With Postific you can build a big queue of scheduled posts which will be sent exactly when you scheduled them. Within a few minutes you can build the posting queue for the whole week and you don't have to worry anymore that you have to post early in the morning or late during the evening to all different social networks

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