Measure, Analyze and Extra the best results from your social posts

Get detailed click-through statistics for your posts

Individual Engagement Tracking

When you are posting to multiple networks it's very hard to track how many shares, likes or comments you have for each of your posts.

With Postific you don't have to do anything in order to get all this data well organized for you and get the real picture of how your engagement goes with every single post that you are sending.

Track the TOP Engaged Locations

Postific is providing detailed information about the countries and the amount of the clicks coming from each country so you can easily target your posts or ads to the right audience.

Get the TOP Referrals

Most of the time people don't have any idea who is the main source of traffic for their posts and if it's coming from the right social network. With Postific you will always figure out which are the websites or social networks bringing you most of the traffic.

Extracting list of Engaged Users

It's almost impossible to know which are the specific social users/fans or followers engaged with your content.

That's why Postific automatically extracts all the people engaged to your post and shows you all the information that it can take from the social network.

Also Postific shows additional information like the actual comment left for your post. All the data is summarized from all social networks so you can easily access and analyze it.

Analyze the results in real-time

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